nitrous on v6

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  1. LOL!! Well, our path is set Fazm83!! Based on your email, I know what to get, and where to order them! LOL! Thanks man.. :nice:

    I cant wait to see his 1/4 mile track results.. So how does all this make you feel, after so much guess work? Do you feel vendicated? Are you proud you came to the V6 equation? LOL!! Its fun huh, being the underdogg, and going against the grain? We're all gonna have fun in the next few years with these cars man.. This is very exciting! :D :nice:
  2. the HP #s are believable, im just astonished by the torque that thing has. Thats enough torque to bring the front tires up a little bit with slicks.

  3. LOL!! I thought the exact same thing.. The rear-end specs are ridiculous! I am almost sure he can get the front end somewhat airborne with slicks.. With all the hardware on the rearend with the traction lock, it will stick the launch.. Fazm83, I am ordering everything in that email man.. We're gonna do this together! LOL!! :D

    I have one question in regards to the Zex nitrous kit... You dont need a button on the shifter? You just flipp the switch on that kit, and the Nitro is turned on? Meaning, the only way for him to get that torque at 2800RPM, means the Nitro is turned on from the launch, and does not have to be pressed on the stick after launch.. Is this correct?
  4. whats it going to do to the rear end?

  5. Kevin the rear end specs are ridiculous.. You must somehow be given the specs.. Talk to Fazm83, or pwrhws!!


    I just want you to know, I have reserved a special place for you in my bank account.. You can count on getting some of the funds at my bank within the coming months!! LOL!! Dont worry, you keep working hard, and I'll buy it!! LOL!! Thanks so much for the work your doing.. I'm in California, so I hope you will be kind on the shipping rates! :D
  6. i wonder if i can talk my wife into this???
  7. It shouldnt be a problem, just make sure you keep the 5spd for yourself.. The Automatic one is easier for your wife anyway.. LOL!
  8. Kevin, just sell her stang hahah :)
  9. Fazm83, try and answer my question on the Nitrous kit.. Or maybe pwrhws can explain the type.. I know some kits I have seen come with a Hurst shift knob with a nitro button.. But the Zex only has a toggle switch.. Can one of you explain the kit in regards to the Nitrous Shot, and how its applied, or used? Thanks..
  10. I believe the zex kit only kicks in at 2500+rpm or somethings like that, so if you launch above that, yes its on, under that, its off. If you ask cleveland on here, he has the kit on his GT, he will know how it works better. (yes it has a switch though)

  11. I like that.. Thats great.. So this is positive? I was hoping this was the case..

    Be nice to see some pics of the car somehow.. But I'm patient.. LOL! :D
  12. I have alot of insider info I just dont tell you guys about. That and Im psychic and work backwards through time. Kinda like Merlin ages backwards, but not at all really. You're just jealous my stangs longer than your stang.
  13. Haha, i think we have some of the same insider sources.

    @MSP yes pics would be very nice :)

  14. Might as well share with the boys! We gotta stick together on these V6's.. LOL!! We are the underdoggs here.. If we can't count on each other we're screwed!

  15. Inside joke MSP ;) haha. im thumbin through all my timeslips.... man these 60ft times are bad (1 is almsot 2.9!!)
  16. Haha yeah man.. Fazm and I figured out today we're the biggest bums ever and have been chatting it up outside the forums. And Id hate to see what some of my 60 ft times turned around to be in the 1/4 -_-
  17. The ZEX kit is activated by TPS, meaning it is turned on in relationship to throttle opening. In our case it is approximately 75% throttle opening.

    Will the rear hold up with the mickey e.t. radials,.... Don't know, The car has gone 1.70 60ft without a peep. But now we plan on hitting it a little harder. The axles are not an issue, I have plenty of faith in the Moser pieces, it's just the small ring gear that has my concerns. I can tell you that we have an 8.8 from an 05 GT in staging.

    How long will the motor last? At this power level I am unsure, I see no reason why it would have a problem, fortunatly for me I have a background in Turbo Buicks, I have seen some pretty amazing things come from a GM 3.8 with a cast crank, stock rods and cast pistons. Mid 10's hauling 3600pounds was not uncommon.
    But the 4.0 is a bit different. But is any less strong?

  18. I'll tell you this, I admire you giving the stock rearend a chance, allthough heavily upgraded with T-LOK(Still using 7.5-upgraded with T-LOK).. The most important work PowerHouse can do, is find the limits of our stock factory components... This is crucial..

    Now granted I'm not advising you to burn up the 4.0.. But if you come to us and say, "You know guys, the best you can hope for is 425RWHP out of your motor before things start to break" , that will be acceptable.. LOL!!

    Seriously, pwrhws's willingness to take his time on upgrading certain components is awsome... This way, he can tell us later, not to worry about certain pieces, thus saving us money later.. We can just shoot for the essentials, and head to the track! :nice:

    Also, its nice to hear the detonation on the Zex system is based on throttle response.. Thats better than I had hoped for..

    So for the record, the dyno info submitted earlier consist of an all Factory 4.0 motor making over 400 RWTQ at launch and leveling out at 300RWHP, and 300RWTQ at 5500?

    I ask this question so V6 owners viewing this understand the impact of the work you have done.. This means, that pwrhws's engine, less the Zex kit and jetting is exactly the same as ours.. At this point he has not done any engine upgrades...

    I am alittle in-different to people implying it wont hold up, or for how long.. But I guess this is part of the reality.. But lets say something does break.. Even in a 4.6, things will break for whatever reason.. So why attribute something that could happen, to the engines tolerances until more than one suffers from the same component failure with a given set of circustances? It does not seem fair I dont think.. Basically, I am accepting on face value pwrhws's work which states our motors are good for a 439 RWTQ Launch, and a promise of 300RWHP, and 300RWTQ at 5500RPM.. Thats it.. No speculation on how long it will last, thats ridiculous..
  19. Hey MSP, these speculations are based on ratings from Ford.. they shouldnt be so easily dismissed.