nitrous on v6

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  1. Youre right, we are probably harder on the car than most. Not abuse, not neglect, just aggressive.
    The motor is holding up well, It's had a few dyno pulls, and 2 passes w 150hp, and countless with the 125hp.
    It has been through it's fair share of bottles with no indication of giving up the ghost.
    I would say that the 4.0 is seemingly stout, the trans is doing well, the rear could possibly be set up to live as well.
  2. I didn't mean abuse as in you were doing anything wrong. It's just that racing the car on a regualr basis is more abuse than it would normally see. Are you planning on trying out the 175hp jets after you swap the rearend or differential? I'd like to see that! :hail2:
  3. No joke on that compression check... thats one of the main things Im worried about right now..
  4. we'll do a leakdown test, the car gives no indications of any "issues"

    175 may not be out of the question.

  5. Cant wait for you to install the 8.8, and plug the whole 175 shot to the motor.. This is the mark I am really looking forward to see.. Also, a TQ mark which is close to 500FT lbs at the wheels.. If you nail this PowerHouse, your name is pretty much set in stone for the 05 V6 firt to get there mark.. Already, you have the #1 05 V6 in the world, that we all know of.. Sorry I get so excited at your success, but your work really means alot to us.. So 175 Shot, and 500RWTQ, and your a legend..

    I knew in my heart there was more than meets the eye with the 05-V6 4.0 motor.. I knew it.. This is why I was into the blower project.. But most likley, if the price is right, I'll most likley buy your Turbo kit.. So make sure you nail that SOB..

    It is kind of a letdown though knowing we must anticipate the rear-end swap.. That just adds cost to the total package..

    For people who have not bought there V6's yet, and are planning on ordering one, I wonder of they can get the 8.8 T-LOK installed as an option? I dont see why not.
  6. You can get anything installed for a price... I highly doubt Ford is going to do it as a package deal with any future cars though. I really want to know wtf Ford was thinking giving us a 7.5" ... its ridiclious. Its like its there JUST to stop us from competing with the GTs.
  7. Well of course. :shrug: It has been, and probably always will be that way. Just like Ford not using the T-5, 4.10s with a S/C in the Stock GT. No reason to kill off the SVT line of vehicles. If they produced a stock V-6 with specification capability to the GT, there would be an inherint risk in killing off the GT, except for those who are adament in sticking with displacement and cylinder count. We can all recall the mid to late 70s substantial reduction in V-8s due to the gas crisis. History is doomed to repeat iteself unless we learn lessons from what happened in the past. :nonono:

  8. i wasnt around for the 70's gas crisis, but i think it is all :bs: there was not a real gas shortage then, and there is not one now, the oil companies are gouging us at record rates!!!!! just imagine, a 4 cyl turbo mustang again!!!!

  9. You my friend are a genius!! :nice:

    If you check the profits of Oil companies now, they are at record highs.. So its not like they are using the extra money to keep the refineries open.. They are using it to buy Yachts, and Ford GT's.. Lavish homes, silk bed sheets, and the like..

    Expect Ford to bring back the SVO Mustang.. This time, it will be a Twin Turbo V6, that will walk all over a GT500.. LOL!! Watch! :nice:

  10. Oh man... You had to bring this up bigcat. :nonono: Please note my economic dissertation in this thread if you have not already came across it by shear accident. :rlaugh:

    And here was my final gasket blow... Hahahahahaha


    Like most I feel that the long-term aspect of this arrangement is being overlooked. But, like most things, consumers are short-sighted for the most part and are unable to look past their own circumstances. The proverbial, who cares? It doesn't impact my life.

    Is BP a high rated gasoline that is cleaner and removes the majority of engine deposits? According to their research and filing with the EPA, yes. That is one of my concerns. Can a car manufacturer mandate a specific brand of gasoline to be used in their car? No. As of today. Is this a future potential. Yes. How large of a probable scenario? I have no idea.

    But with with BP being THE LARGEST petroleum conglomerate in the United States, they are well ahead of the game.

    Is it a big deal. No. Does it bother me. Yes. I have read the entire text of the Clean Air Act and the subsequent repeals and amendments as provided under the Magnuson-Moss Act. This bothers me in that I do not like a reduction in competition in consumer product availability, in an already tight market , much less a large manufacturer recommending it. We are not talking about a clothing manufactuer recommending Woolite, here.

    Again, the intent of the information is to have people think. If you don't want to think outside the short-term aspects of life, I am okay with that. I am plagued with the need to understand my world and how it impacts not only me, but my son and my later years. BP is at a cruical apex of inventing methods to aid in the reduction of greenhouse emissions. They started the first carbon-free reintroduction oil refining process at Miller Field in the North Sea. They work hard to be a responsible and environmentally friendly company; however, the macro-economics involved in their conglomerations and economic and scientific advisory panels here in the United States at multiple large scale University, takes them one step closer to showing that their gas, IS THE GAS to help reduce portable greenhouse emissions issues.

    Even with a loss of the refinery capabilities in Texas in march, BP still made a NET profit of 5,591 billion dollars or a NET profit of $23.42 per share for the second quarter of 2005. Interestingly to note, they bought back for treasury holding during the first half of 2005, 396 million of its own shares at a cost of $4.1 billion. So, they made a hefty profit from their own stock buy back. Net cash provided by operating activities for the quarter and half year was $6.7 billion and $16.1 billion, respectively, compared with $5.2 billion and $12.2 billion a year ago.

    Compare these figures to 5 years ago and no matter how you slice it. The consumer is getting josted, and the fact that they have a large North Sea depository, thusly procluding them from the impact of OPEC influence, tastes even worse in my mouth.

    Okay - So, maybe I do find this a big deal. LOL

  11. Gas prices are rising because of supply and demand .. Yes a lot played into why they started to rise... (most of the reasons are political and I am not getting into that here) ... but flat out the reason they are still rising is simple ..

    Gas prices went up .. but consumption didn't go down.. even though gas is a lot .. consumption has actually gone UP .. YOU want .. WE provide .. but we will make you pay more ..

    This is the way of the world but it's got nothing to do with gas .. you got a good product that ppl want .. you command a bigger price ..
  12. powerhouse

    I need a rough estimate of what you think your Turbo package will cost.. If you dont mind.. you can always email me the figure.. I am dead serious about purchasing one of your first kits.. Since my original plan was to go with the Eaton SuperCharger, I already have my ducks lined up.. But I need to know what you will be charging for the bolt on kit.. Thanks!!

    PM me if that is needed..

    I have made this decision because you have opened your doors to us.. I was going to have to slightly refab an SOHC 4.0 Ranger kit.. But you will be making a bolt on for our V6's.. This saves me time with the install.. Plus, you have proven to be trustworthy with you results.. Why should I waste my time on the SC kit, when you are doing all the R&D.. Basically, you have made my decision easier..
  13. Powerhouse, have you guys started the install process yet for the turbo kit?

    Also, do you plan on posting pics of the process, or parts of it? I hope so! LOL! If not its understandable.. :D
  14. I have yet to even estimate the price. I am thinking that it can be done about the same as current v8 supercharger pricing.

    Quaility will be top shelf.
  15. Do you have all the parts you need to start the beta process for testing? Or are you still sourcing parts? Whats the time frame in which you hope to complete the install so dyno tunning can begin? Thanks!
  16. We have a system that is fully functional on the 05 Mustang GT, we should strat getting the v6 well under way within the next few weeks. We planning on a few more races and then back to the grindstone.

  17. Kool Mike Thanks for the update.. In your personal opinion, how do you feel the Turbo system will fair against the Nitrous system? As I am sure you are well aware, your results thus far with the Nitrous system is amazing..

    In the S197 Talk section, they have discussion about LS1's.. In it they discuss a TT GTO running 12.66's.. Your V6 is much faster.. Powerhouse, your work is amazing.. Explain to me if you will, how you have made it possible for a stock 05 Mustang V6 engine with just Nitrous, to outrun a 2005 GTO with a Twin Turbo kit? @ 12.33, you have fender atleast in front of the afformentioned setup..

    People have not let it sink in the severity of your preliminary results on the 05 V6.. Is the world in for a big surprise?

    Notice the last 2 post were made last night.. After I brought you into the equation, all posting stopped on the thread..

    Is this fear Powerhouse? Are people here afraid of your V6 tunning abilities? :D

  18. Wow! That is a pretty good 6 cyl mustang to beat a 2005 GTO w/twin turbos! You guys will have to tell me what your secret is! :lol:
  19. It may sound ridiculous, but they were the one who posted the time seen at the track.. I just posted the thread which contained the time of the V6.. So as far as the sarcastic post is concerned, its not needed.. LOL!! :D

  20. You are right...I didn't think it was needed but thought it funny. Check this nitrous setup on an 01 Cobra:

    Ya gotta be careful w/N2O...this poor kid is going to have to pay a mint to get this car on the road.