nitrous on v6

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  1. You know guys, I have noticed Fazm83 has not been around much since his purchase of the 03 SVT Cobra.. Has he caught the disease? The disease of he is to good for us now? :(
  2. No-No Mike. He has been getting the 'Bra fixed. :rolleyes: And he has been over on TMS tormenting me. LOL :p

    He's around. Just dealing with the DS and Gears in the new Cobra. Poor Guy (NOT!) He got it all fixed up now. Dealer took care of it all. But, that is where he has been.

  3. I went on vacation for 4 days too ;) also house sold so ive been packing and what not. Just been busy, but even though im not posting much, im still doing a lot of reading.
    Move into new place monday, get cobra back monday, get 6 figures in bank account thatll be a good day haha.
  4. THERE HE IS! Dude... Do you need a girlfriend by Monday? hahahahahahaha You are a Dawg! pffffttttt I'm jealous....
  5. Got that covered too jenn, id post a pic of her but i think most of the guys would like that too much :) lets take a poll...hahaha.
    but ya, im just beat, and i want next weekend to start. Got a bunch of business things im tryin to sort out too (i dont know if many of you know, but my repair shop burned down on my birthday this year lol. i have bad luck, broke my back at 18 too :p)
  6. just a heads up for the differential

    Auburn makes a rather strong LSD for the 7.5

    also there is the powertrax locker which replaces the spyders in a stock carrier

    both are far more stronger than the ford T-lok in my experience. the T-lok spyders are too small and there is little support for them.

    TA Performance makes a nice 7.5 girdle also

    IMO a 7.5 with the Auburn and girdle should handle just about anything you can throw at it. you weak spot would become the stock axles. hardened 28 spline axlesalong with the above parts i listed should really hold up

    my procharged 98 3.8 hasn't hurt my 7.5 yet with a girdle T-lok but the T-lok will fail eventually

    my friend ran a windsor powered ranger with 3.45's and auburn LSD with no problems at about the 450tqe level
  7. I too would love to see a great setup on the 7.5, its just that much more to brag about when u are racing cars with bigger rear ends *cough* gts *cough*.
  8. LOL!! Damn Fazm83, your full of stories to tell.. LOL!! Broke your back, Shop burned down! Whooo!! How do you manage? I guess all the Mustangs you own help keep you sane I guess.. Thats a good thing! :nice:

    Glad your Cobra is coming along.. Remember, its just a supplement for us V6 guys.. When the GT guys come around, you can pop in and tell them, you own an 03 Cobra, and its no where near as fast as our V6's! LOL!! HHEHEHEHE!!


    Welcome man!! Nice to meet ya! So you say you have a 3.8 putting some serious power to the ground huh? Nice.. I too like the idea of us V6'ers keeping the 7.5 and upgrading as needed.. I think its part of the whole package ya know.. V6 as opposed to V8, 7.5 as opposed to 8.8.. I think we should all upgrade our existing 7.5's.. Is it wrong to assume the 7.5 is somewhat lighter than the 8.8? Not sure..

    Also, how about you get some links posted for the Auburn parts, and the girdle? Thanks man..


    Seeing that your bank account will be nice and fat, why not test out the Procharger for your V6? LOL!! Somebodys got to do it! Might as well be you!. Seeing that you already have an 03 Cobra, this will be an easy one for ya! LOL! :D
  9. oh no no no, im not a centrif fan :) ill blow my motor some other way lol.

    im a fan of options :), wait till more come out.

    i can see it now.

    POLL: Post pic of cobra or gf lol
  10. Girlfriend. :D
  11. Girlfriend.... Entertain the masses.... I would vote 'Bra, but it is much less fun. Hahahahahaha....
  14. haha, ill have to find a pic that isnt that revealing, i dont want the mods to ban me because i posted a pic of my gf's cleavage.
  15. Just put it in a link! As long as the reader must take some type of responsibility for viewing it, then I am sure they wont mind.. Just dont post the photo, put it in a link..


    Lets all go get towels.. This should be good! LOL! :D
  16. that last comment makes me almost not want to post a photo msp lol :p

    be nice, camera phone pic

    in case anyone was curious, this is me, foolin around

    on topic, i think i actually wont be goin with zex for now, until i see more of these s/c options that are popping up everywhere. Would love to see one from saleen or whipple, man would that make my day :) Id pay $5 grand for a whipple kit.

    back off topic, its jenns turn? lol
  17. She's a hottie! Is there anything you don't have? You lucky so-and-so!