nitrous on v6

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  1. This is great news!!!! Cheaper than the 8.8 rear I assume?
  2. yes it is much stronger.

    the auburn is at least twice as strong as the ford t-lok. the detroit is more than twice as strong as the spyder style Auburn.

    a great product and it's about time detroit came through for the 7.5 ford
  3. Ok... I just re-read this entire thread... and a couple of questions came to mind...

    1) At what point did powerhouse's Trac-Lock let loose? Was it with the 125HP shot? Also was running slicks... which was one of the things my "rear end guy" cautioned about.... So lets say you stick with the 75HP shot and regular old BFGoodrich Radial T/As... (265/60/16).... My thinking is the Trac-Lock should be ok... comments???? Or do I stick the Detroit Locker in now??? If I blow the spyder gears in the Trac-Lock what else does that break???

    2) I understand the Zex has a TPS switch... but they don't talk anywhere about coming on only above 2500RPM... Also there tech line seem to think it was "On" based solely on TPS... soooo.... what about adding a window switch? Set it so you don't spray until say 3000RPM... I usually launch around 1800 RPM... so at 3000RPM I'm rolling (about 22 feet)... then the spray comes on automatically... I think this would be a heck of a lot less of a shock to the drivetrain... and the Trac-Lock....

    Ok... comments????
  4. Powerhouse didn't blow the diff until they went above a 125 shot. In fact, he made a few runs at a 150 shot. He used custom jets, never said exactly what, I'm guessing over 150, and that's when he broke the diff. So with street tires and a 75-125 shot, I'm thinking you'd be ok. The nitrous comes on at WOT so you could feather the throttle on the launch until you hook up and then nail it. :banana:
  5. Thanks for the info, Jimp!!!! Feeling a lot better.. LOL!

    BTW... I need IDIOT proof! LOL! Like:


    The couple of runs my car had at the track the other day were done by Lidio... he said that my tires were actually hooking up pretty good... I have not yet actually driven at a track yet... I really want to make it so I don't have to think about things... like "What RPM am I at? Can I hit the N20 yet?...." Hopefully you can understand where I'm coming from!! LOL!
  6. It was at the 150hp level that the diff broke, that was with a set of M/T drag radials which are more aggressive than the BFG.

  7. Thanks for the info Mike!!! My stang is a DD... so I'll would just be going to the track occasionally.... with my BFG all season radials... LOL! I would probably just run the 75HP.... so I'm feeling pretty good about just leaving the Trac-Lock in... for now.. LOL!!
  8. You should be in good shape

  9. LOL!! Good old Scrming! Looks like your on your way! LOL! You got me excited man! What would we do without guys like pwrhws on our team! LOL!


    Any news on the turbo setup yet?

  10. What would I do without guys like pwrhws??? I wouldn't sleep nights! LOL!!!

    I think a nice conservative setup would be 75HP shot with a window switch at 3000RPM..... so the car is already rolling some... then BANG! hehehhe...

    I'm already pretty quick out off the line... my main concern is by the end of the 1/4 I'm running out of steam... good 1/4 time (14.922) but not so good on the MPH (90.5)...

  11. You'll be ok now buddy.. Dont you worry.. Your time is coming real soon.. I like the idea about the car rolling some.. When you say "Bang", I think its an understatement.. LOL!! They will never know what hit'em! :D All they will see is a yellow blurr, which appears to have flown off into the distance at the speed of light..

    WWHHAA Happen!!! :hail2:
  12. I think the nitrous will give you more power at the top end so you'll be ok. Powerhouse did say that the 3.73s might be better though. :shrug:
  13. Yes.. I spoke with someone who owns a performance shop, and he told me to stay away from the 4.10's.. He also, said the 3.73's would be better overall.. He mentioned that the lower RPM torque with 3.73's would be able to overpower the same car with 4.10's, while still keeping the car decent for everyday use..

    Basically, the 3.73's could yield a slightly faster trap speed, because of the amount of torque the engine is producing at the lower rpm band..

    Does that sound about right? :shrug:

    Looking at Powerhouses readout, this places most of the power to the advantage of the 3.73's... Which means, towards the end of the race, the 3.73 car should catch up and beat the 4.10 car..

    engine RPM, Total Power, Engine Torqe
    RPM, HP, Ft-Lbs
    Run #, 1, 1
    2700, ,
    2800, 241, 439
    2900, 242, 436
    3000, 247, 433
    3100, 250, 425
    3200, 255, 419
    3300, 260, 415
    3400, 265, 409
    3500, 270, 405
    3600, 275, 401
    3700, 279, 396
    3800, 283, 391
    3900, 286, 385
    4000, 289, 380
    4100, 291, 374
    4200, 294, 367
    4300, 295, 361
    4400, 297, 355
    4500, 299, 349
    4600, 300, 342
    4700, 301, 336
    4800, 301, 330
    4900, 302, 323
    5000, 302, 317
    5100, 302, 311
    5200, 301, 304
    5300, 300, 297
    5400, 299, 291
    5500, ,
  14. I have to agree on the 3.73... even though I'm running 4.10s... LOL!

    I'm running a substantially taller tire in the back... it's 1.5 inches taller than the stock tire... which according to someone's calculation would be comparable to running like a 3.88 with the stock tires... So I can't even imagine what a 4.10 on stock size tires would be like! LOL!

    So the Powerhouse and PHP cars were manuals???? Maybe I can be the first automatic to get in the 12's! LOL!!!

  15. Well, if you let Lidio drive it, and go ahead and shoot the 150 Shot into it, without hurting the spiders maybe.. Remember, Powerhouse broke the spiders on that run.. I wonder if he could have went slightly faster if the rear-end didnt give out? :shrug:

    Seriously, I say lets not get greedy.. Lets do it the right way.. Once the Detroit locker is out, or you get the Auburn with a girdle, you can try for 175 shot.. This should put you right at 11.8 or 9 ET.. LOL!! Just make sure the tow truck is at the end of the track, just in case you need a lift to the winners circle! LOL!! :D
  16. Well, Lidio is licensed for a 9 second car.... LOL!!!


    I did look up the Detroit Locker... looks like it runs about $365... plus figure maybe $100 for the install... (remember I hardly know the right end of a screwdriver! LOL) So I think I'll start budgeting $500 for next spring/summer... LOL
  17. Where did you find it?
  18. actually with the above dyno reading 3.45's look like they will pull hard on top and the generous low end will be enough to limit wheel spin with 3.45's off the line with an 1800 -2400 rpm launch.

    3.45 perfect 3.73's damn ner perfect

    4.10's roast the hides off the line and drain the top end.

    with super six ported 4.0 heads, 4.10's may do alot better because of a shift of torque towards the mid range with the extra flow
  19. Hey Cobra, we all appreciate you holding the V6 torch for so long, while we remained clueless.. LOL!! Damn, I'm glad your here... My only question is when are you coming to the 05 or 06 Darkside my man? We need a super stud like yourself to hold the 4.0 torch along with us! :D