nitrous on v6

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  1. Summit has it for $519. :(
    Can you let us know where you found it for that price?
  2. This is my first post here but I saw the runs posted over on TMS very nice work :nice: This thread was also a great read and I learned a bit from it. I'm not into nitrous myself but the gears and the differential are of interest to me as I was looking to upgrade those (dont really want to track a 8.8 down). For a Daily driver 3.73's with a loc would be best? I was about to buy a Ford T-loc but if these are more durable I'd rather get it right the first time. All I have right now is a intake and dual exhaust setup and soon a SCT2 tune, but would love to S/C or Turbo it if a good option becomes available :D

    Jimp is this the same Differental as the Summit one?

    Edit: Model number seems to match up with the one on the Detroitlocker page
  3. Shaun81

    Welcome Shaun81!! Very nice first post! Hangout for awhile bud! You'll have alot of fun with us.. :D
  4. That is the Holy Grail of rear-ends guys!! Presented by our new friend Shaun81!


    There is your baby! There is our baby!! If we can put that along with this, we can just add the entire 175 shot to the car, and see how the driveline holds up! LOL!!

    For sure, this link is for any future stability upgrades, after the Detroit-Locker!! :nice:
  5. Nope. That's the TrueTrac. The Locker is stronger. And more money. The Locker is $500+.
  6. Ok, I was wrong. Scrming set me straight. The Locker is strong but not what you'd want on a daily driver. The Truetrac is the one to get. :stupid:
  7. How does the Detroit Locker compare to the Auburn Gear LSD? Does anyone know? Which one would stand up better to the type of torque the Zex kit is laying down?
  8. Go back one page. Cobra232 says the Truetrac is probably twice as strong as the Auburn. He seems to know his stuff.
  9. Missed that post. Thanks Jimp :hail2:
  10. Notice the Locker does not use Spider gears! The Auburn LSD uses spider gears, but they are hardened.. Most likley the Auburn could handle the power of our V6's up to 500+RWHP without a girdle.. Go above 500RWHP, and just add the girdle to make the Auburn LSD tough as nails..

    So this leads back to a single question.. Whats your goal.. I know my end goal is the 150 SHOT of Nitro.. Which means, based on the numbers already available to us, the Auburn LSD without the girdle would do just fine.. This is from the horses mouth.. Powerhouse!! Powerhouse used the 150 shot of Nitro on our cars, with the Ford 7.5" Traction LOK.. He blew the spiders, but still finished the run with a 12.31ET @ 111MPH.. He did this with slicks..

    So if you put all those factors together, most of us will not run slicks, because it endangers other parts of our drive-train, even if the rear-end can handle the torque.. This like the driveline, clutch, and transmission..

    Is the Detroit Locker really needed? No.. Because under a worse case scenario, which is shooting a 150 Shot to the motor, will produce numbers which start out at a 439RWTQ launch, and ends up at 300RWHP, and 300RWTQ..

    So the Auburn LSD can easily handle this situation... Now if you were to get greedy with the Zex kit, and go for a 175 Shot, then even still, it wont be enough to hurt the Auburn LSD, but could endanger other components at the track while using Slicks..

    Slicks is the big factor here.. If you plan to go more than the 150 shot, with slicks, then plan on replacing the driveline, clutch and transmission...

    If thats the case, you might as well tub the car, and drop on some wheelie bars, because Powerhouse with a 150Shot, damn near lifted the front wheels up in the picture he posted.. You should also, go ahead and get registered for the next NHRA Prostock season, cause you will be rippin....

    This brings us back to the Detroit Locker (True Trac)... At a cost of $359-$369 bucks, as opposed to the cost of the Auburn LSD, which is about $299, I say spend the extra $60 bucks and get the (True-Trac), only because its obviously the better of the 2 deals... :nice:
  11. IMO, if you use a TrueTrac, girdle and Moser axles you'll be fine. I don't see anything else breaking besides the engine itself. That would be my biggest worry with going to a 175 shot, the engine. It may be fine, who knows. But I'd hate to have to replace or rebuild the engine before the warranty is up.
  12. That seems to be the failure point of the 7.5, the spider gears. I think the only real answer is a spool, which isn't practical for 99% of V6 owners.

    If this is a wet kit, with such large shots I would start thinking about direct port. With a single nozzle system fuel distribution is not going to be that great on a wet kit. That is what killed my V6 on a 125 shot 3yrs ago, I coasted to a 12.8 at 98, the previous run was 13.0 at 108. Also, if I had C16 in it or maybe a full tank of 100 oct that may have saved it.
  13. Hows ur TT stang doin justin?

    On topic, im pretty sure it is a wet shot, if i were to run nitrous, id never do more than 75 or 100shot, if i need more power than that, id rather do some turbos or s/c.

    with the way gas prices are jumping, i think im gonna start trickin out my bmx lol.
  14. Hopfully we will get a response back from powerhouse about his Single turbo system for our cars!..

    But in the short term, the nitro is good enough for me.. Im already happy with the car as is, so I cant be dissapointed!.. LOL!
  15. thanks but without guy's like Justin,Mik from, and a few others i would never got to into the 3.8 so heavily. they are 2 great guys

    justin burned my chip and Mik directed me towards the best engine setup for me.

    i am glad to share what i have learned along the way so others might not make the same mistakes as me.

    glad to help you guy's.

    it will be awhile before i let go of the beloved essex
  16. I dont blame you Cobra232! You have a sweet ride.. Please keep it, but get a 4.0 at your convienience! :nice:

    I agree about Justin, yourself and the other guys! You guys have gone against the grain, and are now at the top of the food chain.. I hope someday, myself and others affiliated with the 4.0 V6's can attain your level competitive vibrance, that has spilled all over the V6 forum! LOL!!

    I really never thought how much fun the V6's could be, until I bought my 05 and came here... I love my car, and would buy it again in heartbeat.. I have no regrets!
  17. Definately suprised by the v6, still, 7 months after i bought it. I even owned a 2000 v6 5 speed, and it seemed "quick" but nothing like the 05, its in a new class. Now that i got the money to mod the v6 (and the cobra) i am torn on what i want to do. Tune intake and zex? or Tune and gears/tlok, i mean i dunno what to do, i need guidance lol.

    (this is a disease)

  18. Well friend, dont mod the Cobra at all... It must remain stock..

    Now, with the available money, let me suggest ordering the Detroit Locker rearend, and some nitrous.. Just to get things warmed up for yourself first...

    Or, you could order the Procharger, and the rear-end.. The choice is yours.. :D
  19. leave the cobra stock? are you insane? :p lol

    I dont want to do any heavy mods to the v6 until its out of warranty, just a grand or so right now.
    I've ordered the 2.76 pulley, diablo pred, and K&N intake for the cobra already lol. Suppose to give me around 70 or 80more rwhp (63rwhp from just the pulley and tune, and the K&N claims 30+rwhp, so ill be happy with 70)

    So whos the first one here to take the plunge into zex? it would definately help me decide on what to do if someone here had one. If nobody does soon i might have to be that person lol.