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  1. not if its in georgia! :rlaugh:

    As you know. I've got tons of racing videos. U just won't let me post any of them up. lol. Don't tell me about no show...I'm all about stepping up! :spot:
  2. ganador you can e-mail me some vids in wmv format to cut down on file size and i'll host them.... hows about nothing over about 7mbs tho...

    [email protected]
  3. um...ill have to not at my house and at my house i only got my yahoo email which only lets me upload 10mb files anyways. Ill see how big they are and see if i can't convert/shrink them.
  4. Well I'm tired of saving for all the crap I need for the head cam swap and I'm lazy right now and don't want to install all the stuff, So I have been recently checking out the nitrous systems. So I have a couple of questions for those that have it.

    I know ganador you said your running a 75 shot, would you consider a 100 shot with a tune?? I want to run a 100 shot and wondering if this is pushing it too much?? I know on the Nitrous express website they say no more than 20 extra HP per cylinder, so 100 shot should be fine right??

    I was thinking of getting this RPM window switch from MSD, the digital one, my concern with these window switches is that they seem to be dependant on the electrical of the car, if your running an UD pulley and your alt is pushing low power to the car will this affect the window switch at all??

    I know that my G tech couldn't manage this task as it couldn't read the volts from the cig lighter properly, so I sold it. This would be more of a concern for me with this window switch being programed right.
  5. something was probably wrong with your gtech it shouldn't lower the voltage output of your alternator otherwise your radio wouldn't work and you won't be able to start your car for that matter and if you had a dual program chip that you could change back and forth you could run a 100 shot but you couldn't run the a/f/timing setup going down the street cus the motor would probably choke out...
  6. Thats not true at all. My car ran fine on the nitrous setting. Sure, it was a little rich but nothing that really affected anything but gas mileage...I've ran a 100 shot on my car just fine in the past. Feel free to run it. With a good tune, u should be fine. I wouldn't recommend running it more then like every other weekend of the month or however u plan to do it. My 75 shot feels kind of weak these days. I am contemplating going up to a 100 shot once I redo my intake. Only problem is that if you're going to run a 100 shot, id recommend not using a shark nozzle. Its really only good up to a 75 shot then you start getting iffy as to accuracy.
  7. Cool...thanks Gan, I figured I work my way up first, but I eventually wanna get up to 100 shot. What would you use for 100 shot then if not the shark nozzle, do they have something else, your not talking direct port are you, cause if you are then I don't want to go that route.

    And I can post on multiple forums if I want :p
  8. yeah but a tune cost $$$ 75 shot = no tune and that puts our cars competitive with 99+ gts almost :D
  9. till about 85-90 ish. Ive noticed i can hang with them or even take them to that speed. But once we get to top end accerlation....plooop...thats all i can say... :)

    Greenbioch. Maybe a throttlebody plate with nozzles mounted there. Or even tap ur intake manifold like im doing. But then again, that is direct port... :D
  10. heh, i got banned from that forum as most of you know. thats why im using that sn...
  11. yeah i don't believe your numbers *ban* :bs: :rolleyes:

  12. I know thats why I posted it over here, wasn't sure if they knew it was

    what do you run with a 75 Gan?? See I figured a low 14, like 14.1 is what I would run on a 75 shot. That was using one of those HP/ET calculators and based on what I have already. Just curious what you've been doing??
  13. Well you want the honest track numbers or what i really think i run.

    Only time ive been to the track with nitrous I ran a 15.4. (i normally run about a 15.8 naturally aspirated).

    During this run i bogged and then spun, was low on nitrous, and my bottle heater refused to work.

    I only got 1 half way decent run in and that was it.

    But, i can beat most any mustang gt in the quarter on the street. Also, i have stayed even with my friend who runs a 14.19 (really crappy car but fast)till about 95 ish where i start pulling on him.

    Ive beaten many cars who can post slips of 14 flat times. My car just doesn't do well at the track. It never has. thats why i really don't go there often. It never seems to work out. I don't know if its the hour drive there. The sitting in line for 30 minutes overheating or what.

    So theres the honest truth for ya. I know my car is faster then what it says on the timeslip but i can only proove it by racing ya on the street. lol. (but it comes in handy when someone asks me what i run...i just show them the slip)

    If i had a perfect run on a flat piece of ground that was a quarter mile I think id do about a 14.3-14.5. If i spray off the line i could hit a 14 flat.
  14. Yeah a 0.4 difference between NA and using the juice isn't very much especially if thats with a 75 shot. Thats really odd?? but thats good info, I find my car to be faster than it is at the track too! :p But thats just my wishful thinking, but I know what you mean the street and the track are two different things when accelerating forward to gain some distance on the street from the car beside you or when your racing at the track.

    Thanks for the info again, I guess a nitrous system is in order for me, I want an automatic bottle opener too so I can use it when I need it and I don't have to have it open all the time when I'm at the track<wink wink>. :p Plus whats a reasonable price for the NX kit and GenX. Just by going off there website its ~$1000, is that reasonable??
  15. No that is not reasonable. Shop around and you can find deals that are way below that. Email me and I will get you a number of a guy around me that is lower than that.

  16. U should honestly mount it like I did mine. No need for automatic bottle opener. Put it behind ur drivers seat. (A 10lb bottle fits nicely in that space). Have the Valve aimed at ur center console. That way, when ur ready to run, you can just stick ur hand behind ur seat and turn the bottle on. On saturday im mounting my nitrous pressure gauge in my glove box so I can just pop the glove box open when I need to see the pressure. It also makes for a nice hidden setup. You can throw a jacket over the bottle in the back seat and no one will be the wiser. They are always looking for it in ur trunk or sitting on the back seat. No one pays attention to that little gap behind ur back seat. I have even let a person I was getting ready to race sit in my car and look for it. Quite a funny situation if u ask me.
  17. i ordered that base kit from NX $400 i think is a kick ass deal :nice: ... any suggestions on how to intall it i was thinking about putting the bottle in the trunk but how hard it it to run the lines all the way down the car? :shrug:

    and whats the easiest way yo get through the fire wall and do i have to buy any fuses to put in the power hookups?
  18. I have mine in the trunk, remove allthe lining in the trunk and you will see a couple of hole plugs. Just pull one up and you can drop the mainline down and then route it and zip tie it to the fuel lines.

    You then can pull the passenger front tire and go in to the engine from the wheel well.

    While you are there, with the tire off and the wheel well liner out you can see your stereo antenna wire. You can pull the rubber gasket back and route your wiring into the car there.

    That is what I did.

    Nice and easy and all the wires are no visible.

    I also dropped the fuel tank and put studs and made a platform to mount the bottle bracket on. So basically if I need to put something in the trunk, I can remove the bottle and brackets in about 10 minutes but still have the studs to mount it back to the car.

    Also, Ganador, you really are supposed to mount the bottle with the outlet pointing towards the front of the vehicle according to the instructions.

    I can see that you are not too much into reading or following instructions but it is a performance issue when the bottle is getting low.
  19. what do u mean by that? u mean the actual connector for the hose pointing towards the front of the vehicle? that makes absolutely no sense in any way or form. Its pressurized. Anyways my bottle is facing the side, not towards the front. Please get me a pick of what ur talking about because i am quite interested. And once again, thanks for ur no good comment about me, u never fail :D

    I kinda see what ur saying. Maybe the nitrous would pool near the bottom or top of the bottle? Where are these instructions u speak of? I never got any instructions with my kit. Heh. Instructions are for people who

    Ill give yall a brief run through on how i installed my kit. I put attached the solenoids to my throttle body(on top of it). I have a rasied hood so its no problem.(those of you with stockers need not apply here). I have always planned to go back to direct port and im working on it currently. This is just a temporary setup until my manifold is done. I ran the nitrous line throught he firewall underneath the drivers side (where the groumet is for your power wires). I ran it underneath the drivers side step panel and out into the back seat. My bottle is completely hidden. Its just that if I pop my hood u see these solenoids sitting right on top of the engine...doh! Time will fix this.
  20. Ls is right, based on the instructions:

    Align bottle in brackets so that the valve outlet is pointing downward to the mounting surface (see illustration A) and tighten the bottle bracket bolts. NOTE: This is VERY IMPORTANT
    so that the internal siphon tube will pick up liquid nitrous.

    Also check out illustration A

    not sure of the purpose myself but in the pic it says for the bottle to be facing forward towards the front of the car.