Nitrous Tune

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  1. Does anyone have a tune for sct. IThere is no dyno within 10 hrs drive of me and I need a tune for airaid cai, magnaflow catback, zex nitrous on 91 octane. Can anyone help a guy out.
  2. What model kit are you running? How big of a shot? Those mods don't sound so severe that you need an ECU reflash to run them?
  3. I'm running the zex 82390 wet kit. Probably anywhere from 100 to 150 hp. A tune was needed just for the cai because the car wouldn't run properly with it and exhaust so not taking my chances with the spray.
  4. Thanks for any help guys.
  5. Since you've already had the ECU tuned to match the CAI, you shouldn't need another one to add the nitrous. All parameters have changed based on the additional airflow provided by the new adding nitrous and fuel to the mix isn't going to change things. Besides, one persons "tune" is not going to necessarily be appropriate for another. Especially where a power adder is concerned.

    If it were me, I'd spend a couple of hundred dollars on a decent wide band A/F ratio set up like the PLX to see where you were at. If you're running with acceptable parameters N/A, then there's no reason you won't be with the nitrous install. ZEX is known for tuning their kits on the conservative side. Follow the ZEX instructions and you'll be fine.
  6. How accurate would you say the a/f guage that is built into these cars are. It has a factory one that displays on dash. I'm just thinking should a guy retard timing for the nitrous or not. Thank you very much. Just want to be safe and have some power.
  7. A 50-75 hp shot no retard needed. For 100 hp shot need 2 degrees retard and another 2 degrees for every 50 hp added after that. Also a colder spark plug is recommended.
  8. Thank you. Much appreciated.
  9. I wasn't aware that the '14's had an A/F ratio gauge built into them? If it's not a wide band set up though, I'm gonna say not very. I don't recall what the parameters are for the late model Mustangs, but with my Fox 5.0L, I was able to stick with the stock 10-deg timing at 75hp, and was required to pull approx 2-degree's of timing for every 25hp jump from there forward. You're also going to want to run plugs a couple of steps colder than stock. The only way you're probably going to be able to get into the ignition timing is via a hand held controller? I'll assume you've got one of those since you had the car tuned to match your intake?
  10. Yes I have a tuner Thanks for the info