Nitrous Tuning HELP??!??

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Blue91GT, Mar 28, 2008.

  1. So I installed my ZEX dry kit a couple weeks ago but just got around to getting the bottle filled and testing it last night. I took it down the road next to my house in second gear and sprayed it from 3K - 6K rpm's and then shut it down in the driveway to read the plugs. Checked plugs 1-4 and they were all fine, running a little rich but that's ok with me. Then I went around to the driver side plugs and 5, 6, and 7 all showed what looked like the rainbow colors on the ground strap, which indicates a lean condition. Plug 8 was neither lean nor rich.

    Some Fact's about my N2O kit....

    1. I am using the jets for a 75shot and this is a dry kit,
    2. Running Autolite 24's gapped .44 which is -.10 from factory,
    3. As far as I know the timing is set at factory settings.

    What would cause one side to run lean and how can I correct this? Should I run the plug gap down some more? Say to .40 or .35? Please chime in if you have experience tuning Nitrous!!!! Thanks!
  2. Ok I'm an Idiot...I think I turned the spray nozzle when I was reapplying the teflon sealant. And I'm almost positive it is showing lean on the one side because it is only spraying nitrous to one side and not the other. I am going to check when I get home...If this is it...I can be so forgetful sometimes!
  3. :Track: It could be it. It makes sense that if the nitrous is not being sprayed on one side, it will negatively affect it's operation. Sometimes modding a car can be a hassle.:bang:
  4. i have seen smaller gaps on nitrous,blower setups .28 to .35
    thats where i would be

    i dont use nitrous though so:shrug:

    i would think dry kits would be a little more diffucult getting both sides perfect:shrug:
  5. I also have a zex dry kit but i gap my plugs at .32 I use to always have #7 lean untill i got a new intake. Idont know what intake you have but it does kind of matter.
  6. Gap your pulgs down to .32 Without spraying the car go somewhere safe!! make a third gear pull shut the car off at your peak RPM pull over and read your plugs make sure your not running lean on the motor. If your not then you have a distribution problem with your unit. If you are don't spray until that issue is fixed Now remember when you go to stop without the engine running it will be like stopping a freight train SO BE SOMEWHERE SAFE!!!!!!!