nitto drag radials

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  1. i want to get new tires for the stang. it has the stock cobra 17" wheels and i was thinking about the nitto drag radials. and i really like the look of having the rear tires just a little bigger. i was wondering what sizes to get for the front and rear. thanks.
  2. I have 245/45/17's in front and 275/40/17 in back. I hear you can go v315/35/17.. but that seems a tad big for stock wheels to me:shrug:
  3. I dont think you can put a 315 tire on a 8 inch rim but the 275 40 17 drag radials should fit fine.They hook like crazy to.youll love em:nice:
  4. You can put a 315 on a 17x8, but it's quite a squeeze. There's a guy on here with a red foxbody that has bullitts with them on it, but i'd recommend no more than a 285 for the rear
  5. thats what I would think also.. my 275's are perfect... 315 just seems overvoard
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  10. what cobra rim are we talking about? an 8" wide rim? a 275 would look goofy...but i guess it would fit. if its a 10.5 inch cobra....go 315 or 335. if its a 9 inch wide 275 is as good.
  11. my 275's fit on my 8" rims with no bulge at all. :shrug:
  12. to each his own. IMO they look goofy.

  13. any pics
  14. not actually of the tire.. and with me working right now I wont have them anytime soon
  15. There should be a good pic of my 275's on my stock 8 inch rims in my putfile pics in my sig.
  16. you say cobra rims but what year cobra? cause the 03-04 cobra has a 17x9 in rim and I run 315's on them and everyone loves the way the look.