Nitto or Sumitomo?

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Which tire?

  1. Nitto

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  2. Sumitomo

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  1. Im running nitto 555's now, Great tire, quiet...But ever since i put in the 3.73s....there's no such thing as traction. I'll be getting me a set of nitto dr's soon for weekend launches
  2. They really are an unsung hero of the cheap tires. I have a plenty of fellow stangers that run them and love them as well!
  3. How do Sumitomos of today compare to Kumhos?
  4. Well I have decided to go Sumitumo's again.

    It looks like the Nitto's may have a small lead in traction and their treadwear rating is a bit higher, but I think that the extra $200 bucks saved will go a pretty good way towards replacing the other parts I need to get the car "right".

    Brake pads, shocks/struts, and coil packs are all on the "to do soon" list.

    Thanks for the input and opinions guys and gals...

    This time around I will keep the pressure down from the get go and lay off the lead foot a bit and make them last even longer, hopefully.

    Also, as far as rain... as big as that damn tire is I have yet to experience any problems with hydroplaining. The tread design is very good for shedding water and keeping the tire on the pavement. Only wet traction issues are leaving a stop on our crappy roads that are all slicked up with oil and grime.
  5. Did you get them from ebay?
  6. I havn't ordered them yet, but no. Tire Rack is going to be a little cheaper...:nice:

    I appreciate you taking the time to look those deals up though.
  7. I've got the Nitto 555s. I don't have much mileage on them, only 3,500 kilometers. They seem to hook quite well, and they don't make much noise when spinning. The tread wear seems good, but it's super hard for me to tell with what little mileage I've got on them. They ride nice, and are quite. I think they are better than the stock Goodyears. Wet traction is better than stock, but nothing exceptional.

    Overall, I'd recommend them, especially for the price.
  8. Treadwear rating is only comparable across the company's own line of tires. For example, a treadwear rating of 200 on Continental tires are different than a treadwear rating of 200 on Nitto tires.

    If treadwear of 200 on let's say (for example) is rated on the Nitto INVO and a rating of 400 is given to the 555's, then the 555's will last 2 times longer in general. But comparing a 200 tread rating on Continental tires to a 400 rating on a Nitto tire does not mean the Nittos will last twice as long as the Continentals given that every manufacturer's tread numeric rating is different.
  9. Glad to hear the Nitto's are treating you well so far.

    Right now though, the extra $200 will go a ways into fixing other stuff with the car... so I think I am going to go with the Sumitumo's again.

    Ahhh, gotcha. Thanks for clearing that up, I didn't know that...:nice:

    That explains why the Sumi's lasted as long as they did with only a 160 tread wear rating.
  10. The pleasure is mine :)

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  11. hehe..... She said pleasure.... :D
  12. ohhhhhhhhhh yeaaahhh they lasted reaaal long :p
  13. I'm on my second set of nittos and I have been happy with them. On the street they perform well but when it's time to get serous at the track I set them aside and put on the 10.5" slicks. Only so much a street tire can handle.

  14. my gf has 275/35/18 kumho ecsta's s on her 94gt and they ride terrible. the car hasnt even been lowered yet to boot.

    whenever i decide to mount my fr500s, i will more than likely go with sumitomo's. prob the HTZ II's. 265/35/18's and 285/35/18's for $706.11 from tirerack :nice:
  15. I just installed some Kumaho ASX's on my Lincoln this morning. They ride nice and handle great! :nice: They hook up pretty good too and were stabil at 135 :banana:

  16. Sumi's are en route, thank you everyone.