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  1. I am in Moore Haven, S.W corner of Lake Okeechobee, To give a better idea where this small town is, I have Lake Okeechobee in front of my house, and the Caloosahatchee River to the side, so i am in the corner there. Anyways, I wanted to know if any of you guys are gonna be at the NMRA event in Bradenton this month and possible get up a decent moptorcade to all ride over together. If so respond here to me and tell me the towns/cities you all live in and we can try to figure out a meeting place that is easy for everyone to achieve and make the trip.
  2. 408 I would love to do the run but I already live in Bradenton. March 12th we will be going to the Hooters in Bradenton not the one in Sarasota. If you want to show I think that you will have lots of fun. I know I always do. Look for a 04 Comp Orange Mach 1 and a 95 Yellow GT w/ Cervinis Stalker Kit on it those are my cars. Come up and Introduce yourself. My name is Herb
  3. I think we are on here at the same time :p i just replied to your other thread
  4. and i will definately look you up, I just moved here from Georgia and havent been able to find the "stang scene" around here :(
  5. What are you doing in Morehaven? There isn't much there. I'm in Pt.Charlotte and have relatives in Morehaven. He has two Fox convertibles and I have 2 GTs. I am planning to go to the Friday Hooters thing and Bradenton on Saturday. I might have to pick up a friend at the Tampa airport Saturday morning reeeal early.
  6. G/F got a job here teaching at the High School, and we moved here for it. I figured out there was nothing here after i got here. But i love to fish so atleast i can do that here bout anytime i decide im bored.
  7. They have a lot of Bass fishing tournaments there don't they? My cousin has a shop that repairs the bass boats.
  8. are you going to bradenton this weekend
  9. Reply to both of you, Yes there are tons of Bass fishing tourneys here. usually 3-5 each month, who is your cousin and which boat shop does he work at? i may know him.

    Yes Stang53 i will be there this weekend. I will probably get there around 9am Sat. morning and be there till it is all over. I only live about 90-100 miles from the track, maybe not that far, this will be my first time goin there from here, i have always went there from Georgia which was before i moved here.
  10. Yes, going to Hooters tonight too. I have to go to Tampa airport to pick up a buddy early Saturday morning then we'll head over to the track. My cousin owns Gt Effect on Florida ave. He makes fiberglass parts for Fox Mustangs as a small sideline but the bulk of his business is the Bass boat repairs.