No 18 inch wheel eveyone e-mail ford and scream

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  1. I encourage everyone to e-mail ford to offer an 18 inch wheel. maybe too late but ford listens to us crazzy mustang nuts sometimes.we just need enough people to ****. if they can make a little more $$$ they might listen
  2. :shrug: I have heard from several sources that 18in wheels give a rougher ride and some control is also lost. Anyone know if these statements are true? I think the 18's certainly look better but I don't know that I would want to sacrifice my safety for looks.
  3. While some ride quality could be slightly diminished, that's rediculous on the control part. I doubt you will notice any difference between 17" and 18" on the new Mustang chassis, except when you go to buy tires. Those days are over.
  4. Don't forget the side wall is getting bigger on all new mustangs, 18"s on the 05 should ride better than 18"s on the 04 and probably better than the current 17"s.
  5. Ok, so now they aren't offering them at all? Last I heard it was going to be added as an option sometime next year?!?!

    I highly doubt there is driveability issue with 18" rims, don't you think Ford knows the buyers will get their own aftermarket 18's for the car?
  6. The ride would be rougher if you are plus sizing from a 17" wheel. The main disadvantage with 18's is the weight. IMO, if you are looking at upgrading to 18's, you should look at spending a little more and upgrade to forged 18's.
  7. You've got to figure that this evolving craze for bigger and bigger wheels is a chassis engineer's worst nightmare!! Trying to get everybody the "look" they want, without totally compromising the ride and driving characteristic benchmarks they want to achieve for the car. The last thing they want is for all the car mags to write, "well, the bump-steer was awful, it rode like a chow wagon, and it trembled like a dog sh**ing razor blades, BUT, it looked hot!!". I'm not saying that it's not possible to have your 18's and great handling and great ride feel, it's just gotta be super damn difficult from an engineering and dynamics standpoint to build a car like the Mustang is, that's gotta be EVERYTHING for EVERYBODY, just by virtue of its nature and wide appeal. I pity the engineers working on that. Sure, BMW gets the job done, BUT, even the M3 is on the ragged-edge of being liveable from a ride standpoint, and is certainly not "for everybody". And as you stiffen the ride, that exponentially increases/exposes the possibility of other rattles or shortcomings in the build-quality to surface. Yes, they should anticipate those things and build it right, but don't forget, this thing's got to enter the market at under $20K for a V6. Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place. One thing's for sure, if they're having trouble getting it right, they won't release the 18" wheel option until it IS RIGHT. They've got too much riding on this car to throw a chassis setup that is half-baked into the market, setting the car up for a black eye in Magazine comparos against the Z's and the BMW's and on and on..
  8. That awful gap between the wheel and fender

    The 2005 mustang will be my 5th owned mustang. The thing I'm sick of is that ford always makes the mustang look like it sits a bit high and has a awfull gap between fender and tire.Don't get me wrong. I'm not one of idiots that like the tire almost in the wheel well. but think the tire should fill it out more
  9. I'll email Ford and tell them to PLEASE don't put 18" wheels on the Mustang!! It's an American icon, not a ricebox!! There's always the aftermarket for those who want to ruin handling and looks in one pass!!
  10. So this car looks ricey?

    Because those are 18" rims!
  11. You have no idea!!!

    Look at the pic. those 18s fill out that ugly gap. It looks great. I'm sure the muzzy will handle fine.
  12. Yup.

    Very good point.

    I think 17s standard on the GT, with an 18" option is perfect. The SVT should probably have 18s standard, with another plus size optional. I think the SVT should have staggered widths also.

    I run 18 x 10s on the back of my Cobra, and the wheel is lighter than a stock 17 x 8 Ford wheel(19.5 vs. 24.5). BBS RKs... I'm sure the tire is heavier though, and probably cancels the weight savings.
  13. The offical tire size

    Tell me what u guys think!! P235/55ZR17 THATS THE TIRE SIZE ON THE 2005. WHAT WILL THAT LOOK LIKE. IS THAT TIRE NOT AS WIDE AS THE 2004S???
  14. Slightly thinner tire, probably not that noticable really.
  15. muzzy needs more meat

    ford has been makin this mistake for years now. To cut cost?? come on Ford, I'll pay for the upgrade. Just offer one
  16. hey

    Ihave 255/45/17s on my 95 cobra with a big gap in between the wheel well
    why can't ford see that???!!! 255 vs 235 big difference in width.
    On my way to work now. i work next door to a GOODYEAR SHOP.
  17. You montioned BMW... Isn't the base wheel on the current M3 18'? I think they even have a 19" option. Viper's and Vette's are coming with 18's and 19's now partly because of brake diameter.

    As I said before, the oly performance drawback to 18's is the weight. There are a lot of good forged aftermarket 18's where they have managed to keep the weight down. From a performance perspective, cast 18's make little sense to me.
  18. Yeah, that is exactly what BMW offers. I think cast wheels will do on the GT for cost, but maybe they will offer forged wheels on the SVT. I agree that weight is the issue, not the ultimate size.
  19. that looks pretty good. thats more sidewall than a '04 GT 17" so the only downside would be weight. at least it fills that huge fenderwell up.
  20. cant u get 18's on some lincolns and other ford cars? ride is no problem, the lux brands have been using large wheels for years.