no disrespect to this forum, but....

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  1. just described Noobz to a "T" :nice:
  2. I think that it will and YOU are exactly the reason why. We have a TON of folks here with a LOT of experience. As you guys begin transitioning over to the new body styles, you'll be taking all of that experience with you to the s197 forum. Sure... folks will meander at the other site from time to time, but experienced tech and practical application is ultimately what folks are looking for. Listening to sound clips of cat-backs, looking at threads about new wheels, and complaining about voiding the warranty while you click on yet, ANOTHER ad about hand-held tuners, gets old after a while and folks begin to migrate. :nice:

  3. Does your mom know you're not in bed? o_O
  4. <<<is an old guy.
  5. I'm 25. That makes me the young stud, I guess.
  6. Don't be using me to start a fight between two mods... I can't afford to bet banned from here. I can't hold a decent conversation about what is the best color of blindingly blue headlights...
  7. Nope just dillusional. :baby:

    Stick around young Luke, we old farts will make a real Mustanger out of you yet! :nice: