No Electricity On Crank Up After Removing Cluster!

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  1. Alright so yesterday I removed my instrument cluster on my 97 GT to replace a worn odometer gear. I didn't disconnect any of the battery terminals, I'm sure should have now... When I go to start it up it loses all electricity, all the lights turn off and when I turn the key back off the dash lights are really dim. The battery is connected to a trickle charger. I also didn't notice any blown fuses. Any ideas?
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  2. Ford unfortunately ties the charging system into the cluster. There are several wires going to your alternator. The one that controls the alternator runs through the charge fail light on the instrument cluster. If that circuit is compromised, then the alternator will not operate. This design terrorized me after I installed my last engine. It took me forever to figure out that my alternator was not working because the printed circuit on the instrument cluster had burnt out. Pull the instrument cluster back out and ensure that connection is working properly. I have a pushrod SN which has a slightly different instrument cluster, so I can't give you specifics on it. It will have a connection that goes through both the light and a resistor. Check the continuity of that circuit and ensure the connects to the harness are clean.

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  3. I checked the circuit board, there's no signs of it being burnt. Could my alternator be fried? I really hope this could be a fuse thing. Like I said did not unplug the battery terminals before I disconnected the cluster. I guess I'll do a test with a multimeter.
  4. Definitely check your fuses. The alternator can be bench tested, so that's an easy one.

  5. Yeah I will. Also when I removed the cluster I left it out for a few hours while the battery was still connected. Thanks for the reply.
  6. Update: All the fuses checked out good. And checked the cluster again with the battery disconnected. Left the positive and negative disconnected on the battery for a good 20mins and cleaned them up a bit. Tried to start the engine up and it fired right away. Could be a coincidence I guess... Thanks for the input!