No fuel pressure, 2000 3.8

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  1. Hi all.
    New here & am having a fuel problem with my 2000 3.8 Mustang.
    No fuel pressure.

    I checked & there is no pressure at the fuel rail. I have listened at the fuel filler neck wile wify turned the key. Silence.
    I checked the IFS switch in the trunk, and the button was in.
    I checked the fuel pump relay & CCRM fuses & they are both good.
    Also the battery is new & I'm getting fire.

    I plan to change the fuel filter & test if there is any voltage to the fuel pump, but I'm not sure of what wires to look for. I guess I'll find out when I get under the gas tank. Anyone know?

    I'd rather not assume it's the fuel pump & drop the tank, until I've checked everything else.

    Anyone know what would be the next things to check & how?
    CCRM, PCM, CMP ???
    I havent been able to find the CCRM yet.

    I used to work as a Ford/Isuzu heavy truck & tractor mechanic but there was very little computer control.

    Any info on this would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Do you have voltage coming out of the inertia switch?
  3. Hi mate, before you go any further check to see if the pump is working.....????? and that you have power at the pump! Good luck!!!! :)
  4. The pump is not working. Will test the IFS, and find out if I'm getting power to the pump next.
    Anybody know which wires go to the pump & which are for the sending unit?

  5. It appears as if the wire coming into the inertia switch will be Dark Green/Yellow ( this has two branches and comes from both the CCRM and PCM to the inertia switch) and coming out of the inertia switch to the fuel pump is Brown/Pink.
  6. First off, Thanks so much for all the info!

    I'm getting power to the IFS.
    Checked the IFS with ohm meter & it checks out good.
    I bypassed the IFS with a jumper & the pump still doesnt run.
    I guess the next thing will be to check wiring at the pump.
    I'll have to push the car uphill into the driveway before I can drop the tank.
    I'll have to eat a big bowl of Wheaties. LOL

    Plan to do tomorrow & update what I find out.
  7. Back working on fuel pump problem.

    I am getting power to the pump but pump not working. I'm ready to buy a pump. Any suggestions on an online source & brand?

    Sorry so long getting back on this, had to go out of town, then holidays, back out of town, now back & have time to get to work on this.
  8. same problem

    i had the same problem with my 96 GT and it turned out i was out of gas. make sure that it has gas. the guage could be wrong and you could be out. it amazed me that i was out and i would have never guessed that but when i lowerd the tank then it was empty. try that first before you spend $100 on a fuel pump! :nice:
  9. It has a little over a 1/4 tank of gas. It started yesterday so I shut it off, released the fuel pressure at the fuel rail, and put a new fuel filter on. When I pulled the old filter off, gas leaked out of the lines and filter. It started back up, ran for about 5 minutes & then died. No fuel pressure. Then a little later, fuel pressure again, ran for a few minutes & then died again. No fuel pressure. I'm getting power to the pump when it is not working. It was doing this before I went out of town.
  10. Any suggestions on a reputable online source for a fuel pump?

  11. Did you check the anti-theft system (if equipped)? What is the theft light doing?

    For the 1999-2004 MY, when activated the PATS system will DISABLE the fuel pumps and spark. You get crank with no start.

    For the 1996-1998 MY, the PATS system will disable the starter.
  12. Good suggestion.

    I'm getting fire & power to the pump. Sometimes it will start & run for a few minutes, and then die because it stops getting fuel. Sometimes it wont start at all, but I'm still getting fire & power to the pump. It does have over a 1/4 tank of gas.

    I've found fuel pumps on line for around $100 but I'm not sure who is a trustworthy source.
    Can anyone suggest a reputable online supplier?

  13. I'm gonna bump this one if y'all don't mind. Similar issue.

    2004 V6 auto with 80K miles. I am a 5.0 guy and don't know snot about the newer stuff. ANY thoughts are appreciated. :)

    The car ran fine. Stopped at a store for five mins and upon trying leave, it would crank but not catch. It's got spark but I don't hear the FP prime. I'm not at ALL familiar with the returnless systems and don't have a New Edge manual (except what is encompassed in a Haynes going up to '03).

    The inertia switch is closed, FP fuse is intact and has 12 on both sides. MAF has been cleaned. It shows a pending DTC 1237 (FP secondary circuit issue).

    Do these pumps have a prime-out period when the key is turned on? Is there a way to make the pump come on constantly with the key on (like you can do with OBD-I Mustangs)?

    Does anyone know the fuel-pump wire colors of the power and ground at the tank connector? If I knew that, I could at least run jumper wires and do a quick bench test. I'm having issues doing diagnostics because I don't even know if the pump normally primes or how to keep it priming so I can test stuff. It makes NO noise when the key is cycled.

    I can't find a Schrader valve anywhere to test pressure. Am I just missing it?

    Any logic on how to go about testing the FPR, FPDM and the pump (or whatever else seems prudent) would be greatly welcome.

  14. Hi,
    I see you are saying that the wire from the inertia switch to the fuel pump is Brown/Pink
    Does this mean that I should have 12v at the Brown/pink wire and earth,
    Can I apply 12v to that wire and make the pump run?
  15. Yes. The IFS must have power at all times the key is on. If not, STOP and find out why.
    NO. Because the fuel pump driver module (FPDM) needs a digital signal from the PCM.

    Did you read the thread mentioned previously? It has complete instructions on how to confirm a diagnosis of a bad fuel pump for the 1999-2004 MY.