No Fuel Pump Power, No Ignition But The Starter Rolls Over??????????????????

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  1. I have a '94 GT. I had been having overheating problems so I decided to take the heads off and let my machinist deck them. The car ran and drove just fine when I parked it and disassembled it.

    Flash forward three days... I got her all back together and now there is no power to the fuel pump or the ignition (no power to the fuel pump, no power to the inertia switch, and no ignition spark). It rolls over just fine and wants to start but there is just nothing happening.

    The two 20A MAXI fuses in the block under the dash for the fuel pump are fine and the fuses have power (test light).

    I have no idea why the damn car isn't starting up. I did nothing other than swap the heads... Everything has been reinstalled correctly. I need my car back!!! WTH happened??

    I have replaced the PCM relay, the PCM, checked for spark, checked for power at the inertia switch and fuel pump, and have checked all fuses.
  2. Sounds like you have some experience troubleshooting things...

    My first thought would be the distributor is stabbed way out. I'd mess with that...make sure it is plugged into the harness also....When I take the heads off my car, I remove the CCRM and bracket, that's another one to make sure is plugged back in....

    good luck
  3. the distributor hasn't been touched... the relay has been reinstalled.
  4. Engine ground?
  5. all grounds are attached the same as they were prior... i just installed a new ignition switch, thinking maybe it wasn't sending power to the PCM, but it did nothing. i have no idea at this point...
  6. Go over the engine harness again.
    If you removed it from the car, make sure everything is connected.
  7. I didn't remove any harness from the car... I disconnected it for obvious reasons while I removed the heads and had them resurfaced. everything is reconnected as it should have been. I just don't get it. I have a Ford service manual, Haynes manual, and Chiltons manual. The inertia switch is not tripped but I can hit it and the button pops up so I know it is functioning properly. Neither PCM fixed it, nor did either PCM relay (CCRM). Every fuse is good and every one has power going to it. I have two engine grounds from the heads to the firewall. I just installed the new ignition switch about three hours ago. The car rolls over, the lights come on, the windows work, the door locks work, the seats work, etc... just NO POWER to the fuel pump or ignition.

    WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I'm literally at my end, I do not know what else to do at this point and I will not take it to a mechanic.

    What else could it be?
  8. I am curious to know where you're at on solving this problem. I am sorry I can't be of any help. Electrical problems really aren't my thing. I am kind of surprised toyman hasn't chimed in on this one. He seems to be an electrical guru on here.
  9. i had the same problem....first check your tfi underneath the intake tube. if thats good see if you are getting power to the coil then from coil to dist. then dist to plugs. if youre getting spark all the way through next have a buddy turn the key with you standing in the rear of the car to see if your fuel pump is priming. it should prime for 3-7 seconds from my experience. if its priming then take a test light put in on...the hot wire of an injector and the connect the test light ground to the ground on the battery..turn the car over if the test lite pulses intermittently youre getting fuel...another thing you can try is the schrader valve on the right side(if youre facing the car) fuel rail. looks like a valve stem. you can use a fuel pressure checker or a tire pressure checker to see your fuel psi (fuel pressure checker is more accurate) now if you have fuel. have spark. and you are absolutely your ccrm is good and everything is hooked up properly it is either your throttle position sensor (tps) or your earlier mentioned thick film ignition module (tfi) ive had the same issue a time or two and those steps usually solve it. good luck...oh if that fails check your harness for cracks and dryrotted wire insulation
  10. by the way your tps should be set as close to 1.0v as you can get it...dont go over i usually hover mine around .97-.99
  11. apparently my issue was 15 bare injection harness wires arcing and sparking all over the place. injectors 1,2, and 3; the TPS, the IAC, the temp sensors, and a coil wire. yeah... found it by accident, really. so I removed the harness and stripped it all the way back and removed all the broken, brittle factory loom and i retaped and reloomed everything and she has never run better.

    I am now thinking of removing all of my injection stuff and carbureting it. I know it's off this original topic, but if someone could guide me to a laundry list of needed parts, I would greatly appreciate it.