No Ignition Power To Starter?

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  1. i have a 94 gt (auto). my oil pump went out so i pulled the motor and put a new one in, put every thing back the way it goes. every thing is getting power but when i go to start the car nothing happens. all my lights come on but thats it. i checked the main power wire to starter and its getting power but im not getting any ignition power? i looked under car and noticed my tr sensor was broken so i put a new one on and still nothing? i checked the cable position on the tranny and its also good. i checked all my grounds and even scraped all the paint off the one thats right by the batt. any one have any thoughts or ideas? im at the point were im trying to bump the starter to find out when im at the right stroke to install distributor.
  2. Almost a week and nothing?
  3. So it turns over but doesn't fire? And you have fuel to the rails?
  4. It does not turn over at all. No clicking or any thing. I checked fuel and its getting pressure to the rails. I put a power wire straight to the starter and it tried to crank ( i don't have the distributor put in) so i know the starter is fine. I put a ew neutral safety switch in since my last one broke as i was putting the motor back in, and i know its set up right because the reverse light comes on when it should.. i fallowed the ignition wire from the starter to right before the fuse box were it turns into a plug and no power. Im not sure were it goes from there but all my fuses are good.
  5. How about the high current fuses in the engine bay. Specifically the ignition fuses and relay.
  6. yes those are all good, you are talking about the 40 amp ones right? im not sure how to check the relay? i took the one next to it (the one for my horn) and it still did not work (the horn does work so i know that relay is good)
  7. Did you correctly set the gear selector cable? Have you tested the Transmission Range (TR) sensor? If the ECU isn't getting the signal that the transmission is in Park or Neutral the engine won't crank.
  8. I'm with Toyman
    Sounds like the problems is with that TR sensor. It must be adjusted correctly or the car won't run.
  9. im under the impression that the tr sencor also controles the reverse light? the reverse light come on when they are supose to, there for telling me the sensore is in the corect position? i may be wrong?
  10. sensor lol
  11. Hmm. I would have to see a wiring diagram but it sounds like an issue with the ignition switch.