no more b.s. whats the better cold air intake?

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  1. there are alot of cold air intakes out there, and i know its all in differnce of opinion, but whats a good one for the v6 , i have a 99 v6, i mean volant, mac, k&n, and does it really matter? i know some people say some are crappy and dont do much and some are good blah blah blah, opinions anyone?
  2. in my experience with my 2001 v6 that my sister wreked (R.I.P.) get the MAC if you want the chrome looks under the hood.... get the K&N if you want any power increase at all (although itll still be pretty small in my opinion) But no matter what you get on the V6 it sound alot better when that intake starts suckin in at WOT. Good luck
  3. Ebay CAI. Can be purchased for less than $50. Look em up. They look good.
  4. drop in a kn into stock box, thee are no real gains either way(and you'll never buy another filter)
  5. The chrome cai kits from UPR are a less expensive version of the MAC or BBK kits. For $120 or so, you can't beat it really.
  6. they're all the same it's a personal preferance

  7. I've said it before, I'll say it again. I've had no trouble from my BBK CAI. :cool:
  8. CAI

    I strongly agree my BBK CAI only
    helped my stang! It took .2 off my 1/4 time plus it looks great under
    the hood also!
  9. Get an ebay intake. Your only going to pay a ton of extra money for about 2 extra HP!
  10. If you want no bs and want to pay a couple hundered extra for about 5hp i'd say a densercharger tube and C&L Intake kit.
  11. good god people! This is all name brand preference favoring. There is NOT A SINGLE THING WRONG WITH AN EBAY CAI!!! I have one, and you can even get it in chrome, if you like that look. It's not any difference. however, yes, I did notice a difference from when I had a k/n in my stock intake and when I put my CAI on. If you buy a desencharger, MAC, whatever have more money than brains in my opinion :rlaugh: :lol: :rlaugh: :lol:
  12. Exactly. The whole point is to get the filter into the fender so your car won't be sucking up as much hot air from the engine bay. Other than that, it's just tubing. No point to pay $120+ for pretty pipes when you can get the same thing for $50. You can make your own system. Go to Lowes ;)
  13. Bla bla bla

    Get what you want. When you ask these questions on an internet forum you're never going to get anyone to agree.

    My personal 0.02---the K&N FIPK is the superior design above and beyond any other. Here are my reasons:

    Plastic tubing for less heat (would only really notice a difference in traffic, not highway).

    Straighter shot....fenderwell CAI's have that nasty 90 degree bend.

    Filter placement under the hood allows for a LARGER filter...more airflow potential.

    Heat shield forms its own little airbox when the hood is air from anywhere it needs to (drawing from outside engine bay).

    That, and I've heard nothing but good things from people who have them.

    But like I said, buy what you want.
  14. K&N filter plus $20 will get you a PVC Home Depot design. Still no different than the name brands.
  15. if replacing stock, make sure you take out any air silencers or other crap that gets in the way....other than that....I like the home depot idea
  16. I had to say that for two reason. One, it works just as well. And two, I saw some mid 80's PoS import drive by last year with a Home Depot ram air. It consisted of a huge 6" PVC 90 degree elbow sticking out of the middle of the hood. I almost expected to see a giant eyeball in it as it looked more like some WWII periscope!
  17. so what exactly are you owning????
  18. yeaaaa, some of yall are taking what i said the wrong way, but thanx for the idea's and all, thats all i wanted, was just others opinions, its all the same to me as well, but i had a k&n FIPK on my excursion and the sound it made i liked, so ill probably just go with that
  19. Actually i changed my mind, the best intake for the money is to remove the air silencer and buy a K&N drop in
  20. My personal preference is the procharger intake system :)