No more NMRA Pure Street car for me

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  1. Sad and happy day

    I haven't done anything with my 95 GT in over a year and it sat all winter with a broken clutch so I could start putting together a 98 GT for the NMRA Pure Street class. I had all the details ironed out and was going to spend the summer putting it together. I've always wanted to have a pure drag car that I could race in the NMRA, didn't want to break any records but wanted to have something I could have fun and learn from.

    Well, today I took that money and bought a house. Its sad that my dream will be post-poned, but hopefully a few years down the road I'll be in a better financial situation and can take another crack at it.

    It was a weird day, I was happy when I was in the house, but when I started trying to sell off parts it was really sad.
  2. The best feeling in the world (besides kids) is sleeping in your own house.
  3. I'd much rather own a house than a car.....

    like i always say: "if you're real, get real estate!"

  4. Wow, and this is coming from a Mustang forum! Thanks guys.

    Maybe I was meant to build a 3V Pure street car. When demand slows down, my Dad who's a Ford employee can get me a Mustang GT for dirt cheap.
  5. The nice thing about my house is I have a 29'x25' garage, and the wife only has a crappy (but reliable) 95 Civic. We're in negotiations if that will have garage access.
  6. i vote no

    purely a shop and corral!