No more PM notification

Discussion in 'Feedback Area | Testing Zone' started by jeffnoel, May 28, 2006.

  1. Has anybody else noticed a problem with the PMs here? I'm not getting notifications like I used to, checked my user options and everything is active so I wonder what's up?
  2. Jeff, I refreshed your user profile, as all of your settings looked fine. Let me know if the issue continues.
  3. mine works, just got a pm today and email reminder...are your settings set up for that?
  4. Yeah, all of his settings are fine.
  5. Nope still not working.
  6. thats funny, I was about to post the same thing

    my profile is set up to receive instant email notifications w/ threads and also to receive a email when a PM is received.

    I got a PM today but no email, I just happened to come on here and a window poped up saying I got a new PM

    I double checked my profile just to see and everything is set up to receive emails...

    can a mod check my account out too.

    I dont receive emails when a new response is posted in a thread OR when a new PM is received.

  7. Rich, I responded to your PM.

    Jeff, are you up and running?
  8. Hey timeless2..thanks for responding so quickly

    I appreciate you trying to help w/ the refresh, unfortunately it didnt seem to work. I received a PM after yours and still no email notification.

    Oh well, I guess stangnet doesnt like AOL : )

    If you can think of what else might be causing this let me know...if not I just have to deal w/ it..NO biggie!

    Thanks again for helping!
  9. Nope I still get no email notifications.
  10. Give it one more shot, guys. Thanks for hanging in there. You can send yourself a PM to test.
  11. Correction I do get emails on new posts to threads I'm subscribed to but no emails when I get a PM, tried a test PM yesterday got nothing.
  12. Jeff, is the issue still present?
  13. Yes, I get email to threads I'm subscribed to but not when I get a PM.
  14. Still nothing
  15. Do you have another email address we can test the functionality with?
  16. mmm why not try clearing out ur temp internet files and cache? its worth a shot.

    you are tlaking about the popup window right? possibly there was a setting that changed on your system to not display them, reset your internet settings as well?