No new 2011 V6's yet?

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  1. No ones got there hands on the new V6 yet? I'm curious to see what they think of the V6 and what kind of gas mileage they're getting.
  2. im waiting till the track pack comes out to do any comparing. im curious to see how well they handle vs the base model.
  3. They are on the lots I looked at em yesterday and looking on line there are a lot of them on lots now and mostly automatics. I see the standard tranny is down to 29mpg on the stickers. :)
  4. Yeah, I noticed originally when they first announced the 31mpg rating that the manuals only got 29. I thought that odd since usually the manuals are always 1-2 better than the autos. I think that GT performance package, or whatever it's called, will affect the mpg rating on the sticker as well.
  5. The only V-6s I not around here are automatics. When I brought up the need for a 6-speed manual the salesman twitched a little-- looks like I'll be waiting awhile for a test drive...
  6. I was able to buy an automatic. they had a white one that was standard but I was not interested in that one since it was for the wife. So they traded it to another dealer for the car we wanted.

    Cerritos Ford was very helpful in getting us what we wanted.
  7. Just bought a 2011 V6 auto with Pony package

    I traded in my 2006 Mustang and gave the dealer another $20,000. So far it has been worth it. Wow! There is no comparison between the two cars except the name and the side mirror adjustments. The new is peppy, has 18" alloys. Pirelli p Zeros, handles and stops like a vette, and best of all its radio has sync and plays all the tunes in my iPhone. This is an entirely better car not some warmed over pancake. I am pleased with the 06 but passionate about 2011 and :)what Ford has done to make this a world beater.
  8. I've had mine since May 22nd (see sig), absolutely love this car ... such a different animal from the 3 SN-95's I've driven for the past 16 years / 350k miles.

    Just filled up after my week commute and got 28.81 MPG !! See the MPG thread in the general forum for all the details.

    Here's a 34 pic album I posted on photobucket ...
    2011 Mustang MCA Coupe pictures by yellowV6sport - Photobucket
    ... starts out with pre-delivery at dealer, pre-detail at home, then washed & waxed with early morning sun to my back.

  9. Nice :D

    I really like the color of those rims and how well they go with the blue of the car. Very nice ride. Love the front grill and the pony emblem too.
  10. Doug,
    thanx a bunch for the pics and you did it right getting pics right from pre delivery. what a beautiful ride! I was trying to see your window sticker...did you get the performance package? I see a lot of write ups on this option but can never find it even on ford website??

    thanx man,

  11. The V6 Performance Package does not become available until JOB 2 (July/August). The Job 2 order guide is already out though, so if you still can't order a V6 with it now, it should be real soon.

    I'm glad I was not tempted with this option back in Feb. though as I would have had to figure out what options to NOT get !! After seeing them out in the press car fleet, I decided I personally like the 18" wheels I got much better than the PP 19"ers. Plus, I'd rather have all season tires rather than summer only.

  12. FANTASTIC CAR. Other than the HIDs it is the EXACT car that I want. :)
  13. Doug,
    thanx for that. I thought I read it may not be available till late summer.

  14. Thanks for all the comments guys, I'm really lovin' everything about this car.

    I did all sorts of mods to my '98 & '04 V6 Mustangs ($5300 worth on the '04 / and lots of my own labor), but there's really not much to do to improve this 2011.

    All the mandatory features I've come to expect out of a Daily Driver V6 Mustang are finally factory installed ... true 2.25" Dual Exhaust w/ x-pipe, 8.8" 05-10 GT Rear Axle w/Traction-Lok Diff, 05-10 GT based Suspension & Brakes, Decent UHPA/S Tires, Decent Sport Seats with Lumbar, Respectable HP / TQ / MPG, Cold Air Induction, Decent Shifter, Auto Dimming Mirror, etc. are finally either std. on the V6 Mustang or available from the factory.

    Then add all the technology and safety features unheard of in 2004 ... this car has over 120 features or capabilities that are "firsts" for any vehicle I've owned.

    All I've added to it so far is a CDC Dead Pedal, Lloyds 4-pc. Carpeted Floor Mat Set, and the Cargo Net & Ash/Coin Cup (mini garbage can) from my '04 ... things that should have been std. on a Premium model anyway.

    Probably a K&N filter and eventually I'll look into an SCT Flash Tuner to take better advantage of Premium Fuel ... but no need for UD Pulleys, Roller Rockers, B&M Shifter, Magnacor Plug Wires, or other performance/efficiency enhancing mods that I've done in the past.

    As she's a year-round DD, my biggest mod this year will be a 17" Snow Tire/Wheel set; for some reason the old 15" set from my '98 & '04 just will not fit over these bigger brakes ... around $1,200 delivered last I checked !!

  15. I wanna know how the new autos hold out under a lil horse play. :)
  16. Considering the A/T trans is the same in the 2011 V6 & GT, there should be no durability concerns behind even a modded V6.

    V6 & GT M/T is basically the same unit but with slightly different gearing, so there should be no durability concerns behind the V6 either.

    Trans durability in the GT is probably very good stock or with some minor mods, but with major mods time will tell.

    Look at the trans & diff problems owners are having with their modded SS Camaro's !!

  17. well hell when you're moving ten tons of car and have to use super sticky tires to hook up the mechanical bits in the middle are under a huge load.

    weight ruins EVERYTHING. GM needs to take notes from ford.
  18. havent driven mine to really know, where im standing, here, I dont expect 29mpg since im running it a little hard every now and then to feel the car, it feels pretty decent, laks a little of torque off the line for my taste but over 2,500rpm the car kicks in pretty good allover to 7k rpms.... I have the 6speed auto trans and actaully feels pretty tough,,, quick shifts, downshifting pretty nice specially with the downhill mode on, wich keeps the revs pulled up for engine branking,,,,,
    busides that im pretty darn happy, cant wait to hit a track over here, and see the real numbers and start doing stuff on it, defenatly, changing the muflers, this seem pretty restrictive
  19. Transmission in the v6 and v8 are the same from what I've read (mt). Mpg in the manual is less than auto due to the gearing. Saw it in another thread that manual trans 2.73 v 3.31 of the "10" stang is similar but with the added gear. (again this is according to other posts). Obviously it is not EXACTLY the same but duration in each gear is similar while the auto is not tuned the same way.
  20. A good friend of mine bought a 2011 Sixer auto a few months ago, (based on my experience/comments on my 99 GT). He has only about 3500 miles so far, and is consistantly getting 28 mpg. He is loving it. Besides, his last ride was a 98 Montero Sport getting 14 mpg and the car is saving him so much money on gas. He said the gas savings alone are making his payment. Its a black Premium Coupe with the pony package. I drove it a damn it make my car feel archaic....even thought mine is in great shape. Still love mine though.