No Oil Pressure!

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  1. Hey guys new here,

    I just got a 04 mustang GT. After 3 days of enjoying it I was driving around I look down and stock gauge read 0 PSI, Now I know the stock gauge is just a dummy light. I then bought and installed a aftermarket gauge.. still showing nothing... I have worked on GMs all my life I have no idea where to go from here on a ford motor.... The rebuilt motor only has about 20k on the clock..

    This is a 4.6 2v.

    Any help would be great!! again nice to meet you all!!

  2. How does the motor sound? How does it run? Your oil pressure sensor could be on the fritz.
  3. Replaced oil pressure sensor, No go. She is definitely making noise, But ran and revved fine... I just don't understand how it would still be running having zero PSI. I drove it for a good half hour before I noticed the gauge.
  4. You would have thought it would have locked up by then. The issue is I don't have a garage here so I would have to bring it in for any major repairs. The more I look into it the more I think its going to have to go in and tore down inspected and bearings all replaced.
  5. Badass car btw!!
  6. Open up the oil filter cap while the car is running to see if the top end is getting oil from the pump.