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  1. I have 89 mustang 2.3 auto just picked it up....OD aint working if you put shifter in OD setting car wont move but if you put in D drives threw 1,2,3 and reverse works fine. Only prob when you put in OD any one have a solution????? really need to fix asap
  2. That sounds very unusual. OD should function the same as D with the exception of locking out the 3-4 shift. Can you give a more detailed description about what is going on?
  3. Yea i have never seen a trans do this but.........all other gears function fine can drive threw all with exception of OD. Only time it acts up is in OD it acts like its in N but i checked linkage and all looks fine and if you try to push it up while driving just revs.
  4. Its a valve body problem, you need to get your valve body rebuilt. Its caused by a blown valve body gasket causing a loss of pressure to the hydraulic circuits so they don't engage. It could also be caused by a valve seal in the valve body somewhere.