No Power 2011 Gt

Discussion in '2010 - 2014 Specific Tech' started by Deathrider1281, Aug 2, 2014.

  1. I am having a reoccurring problem with my 2011 GT. Car has no real mods except for a kn drop in filter and Roush axel back exhaust. The problem I am having is the car is way down on power and stutters above 4000 rpm. For instance launch the car and mash the throttle car will not have enough power to brake the tires loose! If you go to make a pass at 55-60 down shift into third and go wot car stutters and barely accelerates. Took 11 seconds to go from 60-80 in third gear today while at wide open throttle. Car has been into the local Ford dealer 7 times in the last year for this very issue. So far they have replaced the crank sensor, mass air sensor, coil packs and re flashed the computer ( this is everytime) Problem will seem fixed and then reappear in 6-8 weeks. Is anyone having anything like this? This is the third Mustang I have owned and Is by far the most frustrating. (Owned a 90 LX with svt Crete motor, and an 01 Cobra convert.). I am very close to setting it on fire. Please help!
  2. Are there any codes present when they run the ECU for them?
  3. The last time it was in they couldn't figure it out and just started to throw parts at it. It started doing it again yesterday afternoon, so it's going back in tomorrow. The dash shows no lights. Runs fine as long as you don't go wide open throttle.
  4. Try a can of mass airflow sensor cleaner. I'm willing to bet. You probably over oiled your K&N. And got some on the MAFS, I've had the Same issue on my old 2v.

    Oh re clean the air filter. And use little oil on it.