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Mar 9, 2020
Poughkeepsie NY
Hi, everyone. Newly signed up to the site and was hoping a kind saint might be able to guide me in the right direction

I've got an 87 GT and was recently changing out the ignition switch on the column after the old one started splitting apart. I took the old one out, popped the new one in, reconnected the battery and used a screwdriver to slide the switch through its positions. Everything worked fine- even got the car started. I went to reattach the switch to the column and the instrument lights on the dash went out. Car would no longer start either. Took the switch off and probed the connector terminals for any power and found none. Checked fuses and they were fine, though I did notice the right half of the bank had no power going to them.

I'm hoping I may have just blown a fusible link. I came across a diagram of the switch connector on stangnet here, but am not sure if this applies to the 87. IF it is applicable, I guess I'll need to trace the "37" yellow ones at the bottom.

Any thoughts?


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