No quad shocks = super bad wheel hop.

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  1. Ok, when I got my 92 it did NOT have the quad shocks but it does have aftermarket control arms, also had 4:11 gears. I get super bad wheel hop when I try to burn out. Is it safe to assume installing the quads will help/fix it?

    Also, with mine being totally missing , what kinda hardware would I need to install them? Would a new set come with the needed hardware?

    Side note, I got a chance to get a set of ported e7's for around 150$... Worth it? It's cheaper than gt40's and ready to bolt up..
  2. quad shocks will help for sure. Me personally havent ever had wheel hop on any of my Mustangs, but ive also had good control arms. What arms are on your car and what type of bushings?
  3. Red!!! Lol.

    They were On there when I got the car outside of noting that there were aftermarket I'm not really paid that much attention. If I get a chance I'll see if I can crawl under there and find any kind of markings or get a good picture the only thing I know for sure is that they are red.
  4. brand wont make much difference, but the bushings will. Check to see if they are urethane or rubber. They might be shot, causing your wheelhop
  5. Ill check tonight.

    Any wisdom on installed the quads?
  6. You might want to climb underneath it. Most cars I've seen with them taken off, still had the hardware under there!
  7. It's all just in the wheel well right?
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  9. i had some big wheel hop when i did my five lug swap and put 275s on but new rear shocks corrected the situation plus i have 100% stock control arms with 166k miles on them. though i will be putting on some after market upper and lowers soon.

    i honestly dont like poly bushings for the control arms bacuse ive seen binding issues but they are better then stock and will have less bind. i think spherical bearings are the way to go.
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  10. factory arms are ok, they rubber bushings not so much
  11. Quad shocks are there for a reason, as you found out. I had a friend who had fun making his 4 cylinder/manual wheel hop big time. It shook the pocket change and fillings out his the passengers. Put the quads back and make sure you have good bushings too.
  12. if you have aftermarket arms they may not have been tightened correctly. I would loosen the hardware, place a jack under the axle to simulate load and then re-tighten. if your arms were already binding due to improper installation then you would have mad wheel hop.
  13. Quads are pretty cheap and will help you out.
  14. Would poly bushings in the axle housing, where the upper arms mount, help?
  15. yeah, my quads and all mounting hardware are gone, guess i'm taking a trip to the pick n pull
  16. Depends on who did the porting and their skill level.

    E7's are throwaway heads. Most people on the forum probably have a set their can't give away, so the question is whether the port job is worth the $150 (and if the springs/valve seals are in good shape). I know plenty of backyard mechanics who think porting heads means hogging the crap out of everything with a dremel.
  17. I'm running Max Motorsports LCA's and replacement OEM uppers with rubber bushings per MM's recommendation.

    I had wheel hops without the quads. I put them back on. Problem solved.
  18. I have crazy wheel hop too. I have Steeda aluminum lowers with poly bushings. My uppers are Dynamic Racing double adjustable uppers with QA1 rod ends on the car side and new Cobra rubber bushings on the rear end side. I also have new CE drag racing shocks set at 50-50. I removed the quads back when I first got the car. I have a brand new set of quads sitting on the shelf waiting to go on the car.