No quad shocks = super bad wheel hop.

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  1. My E7s, that came on the car, were ported by someone who knew what they were doing and it really helps. But I saw articles where they can not quite match a good GT 40 head set. Unless you enjoy swapping heads, I would (and am) save up for aftermarket ones.
  2. i'm passing on the e7's. The guy claimed a shop in kc did the work. I called them up and it was'nt even a shop, it was a distributor and they only do aftermarket stuff, called the guy up and he started changing his story..
  3. as far as my quads, i'm gonna buy and install the needed stuffs soon.
  4. Local parts yard said 10-15 per side total, ill just toss the used stocks on there to see if it fixes the problem . Aftermarket will be in the very near future.
  5. just get the new Gabriels!
  6. what are they gonna run me? cuz if they are cheap i'll just grab the hardware and skip the crap
  7. $25 or so?

    Auto zone calls them "steering dampener" on their computer

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  8. Dumb name Gabriel! Steering is mostly done from the other end. Good to know, but I like how Monroe is (or at least used to be) made in my state. Do not do the install twice. It is probably not worth the parts VS. your time. I hate doing a job twice for no good reason. Unless you are broke and unemployed; then the used ones might be worth a try. :)
  9. Ill put new ones in. Wasn't aware they were this cheap. I'm hoping to find a red set.
  10. Red? Try Lakewood or some KYB or Koni shocks. If not- there's always spray paint!
  11. If I'm reading this thread correctly, it sounds like the OP's car has those red steel LCAs with rubber bushings.

    I personally prefer upgrading all four control arms to tubular chrome moly with polyurethane bushings and ditching the quad shocks altogether. I get no hop with this combo.
  12. If it makes you feel better MFE, I actually read your post and followed the link ;)
  13. This is what i did. Tokico shocks and H&R race springs. My combo is set up more for road race. Maybe this is more of an issue with people who have a drag style suspension?
  14. The easy explanation is that your stiffer Tokico shocs & H&R race springs combo helped to alleviate the hopping issue, but honestly I've had the upgraded control arms on stock shocks and not had wheel hop, so I don't think the shocks & springs are the only factor. I still insist that quality control arms remedy the wheel hop issue.
  15. They do sometimes, but too often they don't, and if 50 people explaining their direct experience with exactly that can't sway that insistence then I can't help you.
  16. Put the quad shocks back on if you took them off or don’t have them installed.

    The quad shocks are a roll of the dice. No matter what the combination of tires, control arms and shocks, some cars will wheel hop without quad shocks and some won't. There are so many variables in 34-18 year old cars with wear, misalignment and combinations of suspension components and tires that one unchanging answer won't work for everyone.

    I personally would install them, and make sure they are in good shape. I do know this, that Ford is cheap. If they could have made changes in some simple component like bushings or control arm construction and saved $10, they would have done it. Multiply $10 times all the Fox body Mustangs ever made and you would be almost as rich as Donald Trump. That's a lot of $$$, and good incentive to engineer something to do away with the quad shocks.
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  17. Ill be installing the quads for now. Once we're not completely covered in snow ill get under it and check the details on the bushings. For now the control arms will stay as is . If the quads don't fox the issue they may get changed.

    Side note, I'm not having luck finding red quads. Closest I've found was white with red marking but at more than double the cost of the Gabriel's , it's not worth the $$

    Anyone know the part# for the red Gabriel's listed above?
  18. You won't see them with the wheels/tires on so why's the color really matter?