No Racing For 5th Gear???

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by GoBabyVroommm, Jun 5, 2004.

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  1. Alright every time i'm racing HARDCORE :rolleyes: I can't get it into 5th gear. I tried power shifting into 5th no luck. I also tried granny shifting no luck. I have to slow down big time to get it into 5th gear.

    Every time i miss 5th reverse lights come on. I have no whats going on it feels like something is in the way. :shrug:
  2. I can get into 5th fine. But it's OD, so I stop racing well before 5th.
  3. racing in 5th gear is not a very smart thing to do.
  4. Why isn't it smart to race into 5th gear. I have to that 4v needs it damn it. If i can get the damn thing in 5th gear i'll be pulling cars on the people i race. 4th takes me to about 120MPH i think i need that 5th gear damn it.

    I'm always running out for 4th every time i race. I have a 373 in my car.
  5. why u wanna go so fast? :(
  6. Agreed, your just asking for touble racing at 120+mph on the streets.
  7. This is on the highway 3am in the morning no one around. I don't race on the streets to many things can happen.

    So whats the deal with 5th only when i'm racing i doesn't go in.
  8. If you shift into 5th (whenever you can) you will not feel the same pull if any and the car will accelerate very slowly. :notnice:
  9. Accident waiting to happen

    I can see it now...Headline: GoBabyVroommm smashes Mustang on highway at 3am. Witnesses say, although the highway was clear, his head was not. He was travelling in excess of 120MPH when he attempted to shift into 5th gear. :nonono:
  10. :lol: :rlaugh: Honestly that was funny as hell. Hell it can happen i'm usually looking at the stick trying to push it into 5th gear.

    As for not having an pull in 5th gear i doubt it. if i'm driving normally in 5th and i'm at a very high speed i can rev the car and hit. The car will pull really hard and just keep going. It doesn't feel slow at all.

    Does anyone race into 5th gear? Sorry guys but this thing is bothering me a lot.
  11. Agreed. There is no reason to go into 5th gear while racing...
  12. you really gain anything if any at all going into 5th stop it now
  13. in his defense, you could be going 40 mph and die....nobody knows whats gonna happen the next second....
  14. :mad: What the hell!!!! Ok let me re-word this. Your racing your car 1st, 2nd,........ OOOO noo you can't get into 3rd gear. Now what are you going to do. Your racing someone, your ahead but you can't get into 3rd gear. I'm sure you would be pissed off. There is not difference if i'm going 3rd, 4th, ............. no 5th gear.

    Hell, i like you guys to go race some modded LS1s from 3rd gear. I'm sure you'll be going into 5th gear if your pulling on them. Are you going to let off in 4th because you can't get into 5th gear???? NO HELL your going to put it in 5th and spank the hell out of them for talking all that S... that muastangs are slow.
  15. Opps sorry guys i got fired up, just noticed.
  16. I just hope you do not take out any innocent people when you wrap yourself around a telephone pole. :notnice:
  17. Guys this thread is really not about speeding, killing people. I just like to see someones opinion.

    Yes you can die at any speeds. I'm sure i'll pull on some you guys racing off of 5th gear. I'm also sure your cars have nothing left in 5th gear too. When i had my 2v it felt like it was done by 4th gear. I had the 96 2v i know the 99+ 2v are a lot better when it comes to performance.
  18. When if you can't drive don't take your car that high up. Be smart do it when no one is out and when you have 4 lanes. :D
  19. hey people, he's looking for a mr. goodwrench, not a mother teresa.
    instead of flamefesting over the morals of racing in 5th gear, how about we attempt to diagnose the problem?

    who knows, it could be a trans problem that could elevate into something far worse than a tricky 5th gear to perhaps locking the entire rear end while turning in a school zone killing 17 toddlers. how would you feel then, knowing you wouldnt even try to help this guy with his problem?

    sorry i dont have any actual ideas behind the problem GBV...i race automagically.

  20. Thanx bro. I drive the car easy on the street. It kicked on on my 2 times since i got it back and i learned my lession. I only go ballz out when no one is around. Honestly i'm usually the last one when i go with people because i don't like to drive fast.

    I thinking Ford put something in the trans so you don't blow it at a high speed.

    Trust me if something did lock up i would be in the glass. There was no one for miles.
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