No Racing For 5th Gear???

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by GoBabyVroommm, Jun 5, 2004.

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  1. the rush I want 200mph but 4.11 is too much gear :(
  2. Is this guy being serious? Or is this a joke?:shrug:
  3. Remove this

    This thread needs to be removed. NO STREET RACING THAT INCLUDES HIGHWAYS @ 3AM... DA

  4. A friend of mine had the same problem. He had a tough time getting into 5th gear on his '97 Cobra. When he did shift to 5th, his reverse lights would come on.

    One day he went to the store, came out and didn't have reverse gear. On the highway he found he didn't have 5th gear either. He lost both 5th and Reverse and needed to rebuild the trans
  5. Maybe some sythetic fluid, (royal purple) or a shifter :shrug:
  6. Must be a T-45 thing, my T-3650 doesnt have a problem going into 5th. Only problem is that its sortof out of the way and not designed to be used for WOT runs. SO it just takes me longer to get it in gear, but it always goes.

    BTW I have 3.73s and 4th goes to 120 @ 6000RPM. I have run it to like 127 in 4th which was like 6400. Your 4V has a 6800RPM redline, 4th should carry you to OVER 130MPH. Thats plenty for a race with any car...110 isnt usually, but 120 ususally does the trick for me.

    Also with mine, if I shift out of 4th from 6000RPM+, the cars pulls pretty hard in 5th. SO i know with the torque of the turbos, it will go over just fine.

  7. Yeah, my 3650 is the same way. 5th is the only gear you have to hunt for. I need to pause in nuetral, make sure i'm moved all the way over and then go up. A little annoying, but with stock 3.27's i never have to go into 5th at WOT.
  8. I'd start out by changing the trans. fluid; a synthetic might help. If this doesn't help, a rebuild is in your future.
  9. Yea sounds like something is wrong. But on this Street Racing click!!! It's all dangerous and illegal whether your racing in 1st gear or 5th. And if your going to sit there and say you never street raced... your a damn liar. Yell at him if he says he was Drinking and Driving!
  10. same problem here... with stock gearing i never needed 5th gear

    now with 3.90's i hit 115 in 4th and when i try and shift to 5th it wont go:shrug:
  11. bringing back gobaby's retarded posts is either a great joke or grounds for banning
  12. LOL didnt even notice....wonder why they wanted to revive this thread?
  13. As a sidenote. with a 26" tire, 4.10's and spraying I have to either hit 5th or spin passed 6200rpm in the 1/4mile. So there could be some reason for it.

    Now having said that I have had the issue of not going into 5th at WOT. But it is usually not when spraying on the track. And it is a 3650 tranny and I've got an MGW shifter. I think the synchro's are fighting it going into gear at the elevated speeds.
  14. WTF? WHo keeps reviving old threads all the time??
  15. heres the culprit.

  16. i say... OFF WITH HIS HEAD!:uzi: ... or shoot him with an uzi:shrug:
  17. :lol: but that looks to be an AK-47 if anything...

    :lock: :lock:
  18. Sad to say, I kind of agree with this. Not only that, but everytime I see Gobabyvrooms user name on ANY threat title, I immediate bust out in laughter. Not saying he's stupid or anything, but every thread of his always ends up with bull$hit being posted in this post of mine, and the one done above by Chan. :D :SNSign:

  19. It's not even a meaningful post. I can see reviving a thread if you have some good tech to add. :nonono:
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