No Rear Floor Mats? WTH??

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  1. OK..SO I pay two grand extra for CS package and 36k total and get nice front CS floor mats, but NO rear floor mats? I called my dealer today and they said they don't come with them. Are u freakin kidding? GT premium with NO REAR mats? WTF?
  2. So like the back seat is for storage so said the salesman. It's a mustang :)
  3. ??

    Both my 07 and 08 came with rear floor mats....I think someone is BSing you.
  4. nope its true no rear mats.
  5. Yep..I talked to a few people with '11s and it IS true. Not that it is going to ruin my love for the car, but Ford once again found a way to piss people off by saving $5.
  6. That is just wrong....over 30K for a car and they cheap out on the mats...
  7. getting any floormats at all is usually an option on $90k+ cars.

    who needs rear floormats? is there REALLY a lot of traffic back there?
  8. You're so upset you decided to post on multiple forums?
  9. I guess that floor mats are a big deal.....sorry....but here in NE they are.

    I ordered thru Weather tech and they sent me W78 front and W50 rear. I sent them back, cost me 25 bucks to try their mats....Huh... Just were not the lazer fit they advertise. They want you to cut up $100 mats....Huh....
    Now I see ( one week later ) AM is selling weathertech lazer matched mats for $117 for 2011 mustang......Huh...does weather tech sales people know this?

    I just bought the FORD winter mats for 2011 Mustang....85 bucks for front and rear....Fit like a glove. Thanks Ford
  10. Posted on 2. Multiple >2.

    Drive my 2 teenage daughters around. One is always in the back with her dirty shoes.

  11. My Ford parts guy told me people get more upset over floor mats than anything else he deals with.
    Ford in all Mustangs at one time gave you only a front set with the car. (My 2010 GT came with front and rear). And when they came with only the front, guess what? You could not buy the rear mats only. You could only buy a complete set, front and rear.
    That is something that would make a person a bit upset.
  12. Not sure why anyone would be too shocked since the window stickers say "Front floor mats" under standard equipment.
  13. There's a floor back there? :)

    FWIW, I have to pay for all 4 mats in my BMW.
  14. floor mats

    Thats why BMW is so expensive....rear floor mats....:rolleyes:
  15. But all the scheduled maintenance on my mats is free for 3 years. :D
  16. Steeda has floor mats:nice:
  17. I was wrong. My car does not have rear mats. Hey, I can barely see the floor. At least Ford could sell just rear mats. You can only buy a set of four. Makes no sense.
  18. Hey Todd.

    1. Do they have ONLY rears?

    2. Is a set of 4 included when you purchase all of the following:

    -a set of axlebacks
    -Steeda Spyders with Nittos
    -SCT X3 Tuner
    -Steeda CAI

  19. No, but i might be able to get them thrown in on a Pro Charger kit :D
  20. Ok...ill be there tomorrow :rolleyes: