No Rear Floor Mats? WTH??

Discussion in '2010 - 2014 Specific Tech' started by 94GTLaserRC, Nov 15, 2010.

  1. I've been selling Fords for nearly 9 years. Mustangs have never had rear mats. Sad, but true. I never get complaints tho? Once or twice its been asked, but its true, nobody sits back there. :)
  2. My dealer, as I said before, tells me people get really ticked over this. At least Ford could make rear mats available. That would be good PR.
  3. All of you are being to easy on Ford for this one. I buy a $37k car with a $1900 upgrade package, and they cant include 2 $10 mats? :bs:

    If they want PR, they should GIVE them 2 you when you pick up the car and say "we usually charge for these but we'll throw them as a token of our appreciate for your business". not like all the car companies are just flourishing right now. Im Done.!
  4. My point is you can't even buy them. You have to buy an entire set.
    It really is stupid on Ford's part. I would rather get no mats with the car then half a set.
    Ford should just include a complete set.
  5. I agree with both the last 2 posts. The two back mats should come as a "Thank You" from Ford, and/or the Dealer, AND if the dealer doesn't "give" you the mats they should be purchasable from Ford. its not like the included mats are all that anyway. They're just glorified carpet. If the Dealer and Ford really wanted to say "Thanks" they'd give you the nice "winter" rubber mats. :D
  6. Its very easy to cut out your own rear mats. Just make a template
    from paper and line it up on a piece of scrap carpet. I had some
    spare black carpet and they look fine and keep the dirt off the real carpet.
  7. I can live without the rear floor mats. What Ford should have included was a "dead pedal". That part of the carpet just gets filthy.:notnice:
  8. old thread i know, but i wanted to point out my 14 GT Premium did not come with rear floor mats...said so on the sticker and the salesman told me as, but it is what it is.
  9. I've learned to order the all-weather mats from the get-go. South Carolina red clay stains everything. I need a trunk mat though. Ford doesn't offer one to fit with the subwoofer in the back.