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  1. I have no spark coming from the coil. I tested the MSD box and coil and they are both good. I tried a brand new distributor I have and that didn't help either. Only things I didn't try are the TFI module and the ECM. What are the chances that it is the engine computer?
  2. I would have to say it's your coil , or coil wire , or distributor cap .get old coil from jy or a buddy an swap same for wire and cap then look at msd computer also make sure all your grounds are good, maybe check codes and see if that says anything
  3. As stated above the coil and msd box are good. I took my TFI module to Advance Auto Parts and tested it and it failed. We tested one off the shelf and it tested good just to make sure the test was done properly. So I guess I have my culprit.
  4. Ttust me. Get a FOMOCO or equivalent TFI from Rock Auto. The store bought ones are garbage. Make sure to remove the old grease and coat the backside of the new TFI with the proper dielectric grease- you can get it from Radio Shack. Do not use the stuff you use on spark plug wires.

    When I hit the JY, I try and pull all the old TFI's I can find as they are cheap insurance for $5 and normally are fine.
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  5. Yep it was the TFI. I got a new one and she started sparking right away. Car is up and running again.
  6. Glad you got it worked out. You might want to have a spare one hanging around as the auto parts store TFI's are prone to failure.
  7. Oh I plan on it. Thanks.