Engine No start after timing chain replacement??

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by ImportSlayer347, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. Probably because you have no compression. Trying to start an interference engine with a broke timing chain will leave you with a mess valve wise. Do a compression check.

    As far as the no spark. Check to see if you are getting a pulse from the TFI at the coil. MSD pulses the positive side. Stock ignition pulses the negative side.
  2. bet you what you are hearing is intake and exhaust going where it shouldn't because the valves are bent
  3. The perception of turning over too fast can come from lack of compression.

    I hope the previous posts are wrong that you damaged the valvetrain, but that would explain what you are describing. I'd rather have accidentially installed the chain out of time than to find bent valves.
  4. Lots of times they go hand and hand. Fact is, his chain was broke, and he was cranking the engine over trying to figure out his spark issue. I would be amazed if none of the valves were bent.
  5. So this motor is an interference engine? So now I have to pull the heads off and put all new valves in it?
  6. Yes it is an interference engine. Not going to say all new valves, but my guess is a few. Probably pushrods as well. You are just going to have to check them.
  7. There is no way in hell that he doesn't have at least a few. ( I'd bet,.......Oh........about 16) The noise is definitely compression escaping back into the intake and out the headers. I'll bet the engine is spinning the same speed as it would w/o spark plugs in it.
    OP,....sorry to say it again, but you have an engine to remove. OR At the very least, a set of heads to rebuild.
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  8. Now that it is all together, have you brought #1 to TDC and checked position of damper?
  9. Do a compression test, but they are right you will be pulling motor. Sorry to hear.