no throaty sound with new 40 series flows

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  1. The majority of people hear the change ...
    I guess we're all crazy and you're the sane one ... okay, then, so it is.

    Wishful thinking on our part.

    Ever notice how the tone changes from warm to cold to rich to lean ... pretty bizarre scientific hallucinations we got goin' here:flag:
  2. Of Course Factory Mufflers will get louder as they are packed with fiberglass which would burn away! Again there is welded metal pieces inside of a Flowmaster muffler that seperates the Chambers, it would take intense heat to distort the metal as it is welded to the top and bottom of the muffler case. If carbon build up was the cause for loudness then it would continue to get louder ever single time you drive it, so my Flowmasters have been on for 5 years now, so by your theory they should be so distorted and full of carbon that they should sound like a Jake Brake on an 18 wheeler! They sound the same as they did 5 years ago!!!
  3. I have had flowmaster 2 chambers on my car for about 9 years now. They DO change sound.

    My friend had a 92 gt. He had flowmaster 2 chambers on his. I decided that i wanted the same sound.

    When i first put the flows on and started it, i was like "its quiet". "Where is the deep tone at?"

    I called my friend and he came right over. We parked them side by side and listened to them. His was deep flowmaster sound. My wasnt. It still sounded like i had stock mufflers on. He said "it will change", "mine did the same thing"..............Sure enough, the did.

    Like the others have stated, they CAN and WILL change sound.

    Why?--I dont know, I dont care.

    Actually, i am thinking of getting the 50 series deltas cause i am getting a little tired of the "drone" at 60mph.

    In town driving or at idle. You just cant beat the flowmaster tone.
  4. From the flowmaster website, they state that their "delta flows" are quieter than their "original flows" in both the 40 (2 chamber) and 50 (3 chamber) series. Also rumor has that x-pipes don't sound as good with chambered mufflers as a h-pipe. I know from experience that the x is quieter than an h so I switched back.
  5. I would say that your cars sound different because you probably do not have the exact same system. If his mufflers are 9 years old and yours are new the has probably been several CIDs over the years. Maybe you can wave your magic wand over my mufflers and make them change sounds for me! A muffler with NO PACKING INSIDE has nothing to break in, its not going to change! The heat thing is a bunch of BS too as my tailpipes still have the stickers from Flowmaster on them, so theres not even enough heat to burn stickers off, or sure is hell is not going to distort welded metal!
  6. Come on dude .. you think the carbon continues to build up in them until they're plugged as a soild block ... it burns.

    Ever seen a cat glow ... it isn't from a "lack of heat".

    I know you just don't want to admit you're wrong ... that's okay ...
    You're right. Most of us just tapped our red slippers together and hoped for the change ... but don't worry, we'll be back in Kansas in no time.
  7. jesus, I just made a grammar error because I was in a rush when I typed that. Get a grip buddy.
  8. No I was trying to prove a point of how silly your theory of Carbon build up is. Of course your Cats have high heat, they are ment too, but the further aft you go in the system the less heat you have, as I have said prior the stickers are still on my tailpipes 5 years after I installed the system.
  9. Majority or not, I still have yet to read anyone in this thread that's coughed up a legit explanation for HOW exactly Flowmasters CAN change in sound without a physical change in baffle shape and/or exhaust leaks (at connections and/or rust holes). "They just do" is not a much of a mechanical theory.

    Seriously, if I tried to sell, say, an '05 Mustang GT to someone and told them, "This thing spanks a Ferrari's arse the quarter mile!" and when asked how, I reply with, "Well ... it just does!" then I seriously doubt I'd be making a $28k sale that day ... unless the buyer is that much of a sucker. Now, if I went on to explain that, yeah, it can be done with a few thousand in bolt-on mods here and there (say, a blower and/or some juice, for starters), then I'd have something to support such a claim.

    So then, maybe I am making "the most retarded statement, EVARRRR!" by saying it, but I'm sticking with it 'till someone proves it otherwise: Flowmasters are what they are, right out of the box. Any percieved change in sound is either subjective opinion and/or something caused by another variable totally independent of the mufflers, themselves.

    Besides ... I'm not a majority type person. Bah ... conformists! :D
  10. I agree with you 100% they are what they are when you take them out of the box!
  11. Yes, they were the same.

    And my friend got his gt about 3-4 months befor i got mine.
  12. It's true, the closer you get to point of detonation the hotter it is ... and I guess the point I was trying to convey is that any areas that restrict or redirect flow will built more heat (cat, muffler). Carbon builds up more in the areas that are not direct paths of exhaust flow (corners and such). If you cut your mufflers open you will see what I'm referring to.

    I'm sure you've probably seen a plastic bag get melted onto a muffler before?
    Your tailpipes shouldn't get too hot. They will warm up and cool down, but nothing to the degree of the muffler or cats.

    - They do get deeper ... it's not conformity, it's third party perspective, as is the case with homeboy above this post.

  13. Bingo, the hot/cold cycles tend to change the properties of the metals inside to make them resonate more.

    My flows took about 2-3 weeks to really get loud
  14. So you think 16 Gauge Metal completely welded to the top and bottom of the Muffler case that is rigid as hell is going to distort so bad that it is going to change the propeties, I dont think so. Might change the properties of a plastic bag. Again, if this continues to happen then the car should get louder and louder and louder ever single time you drive it because the heat and cold cycles are so extreme its warping metal in every which direction!
  15. Well its been fun going back and forth about all of the Theories why people imagine their Flows are getting louder, but today we can end it with FACT. I called Flowmasters Tech Department, remember these are the people that design, manufacture and test these exhaust systems. I was told the sound of a Flowmaster WILL NOT change in sound over its life. Every Theory that was posted on here was completely debunked by the Tech Department!
  16. I agree Shakerhood its all in everyones imagination after a few weeks you realize how loud it actually is!
  17. I think it is pretty much mental too for everyone, but it was nice to hear the facts directly from Flowmaster!
  18. i was waiting for someone to do that. i was just too lazy to do it myself
  19. yeah i never noticed a change in my flows i had for over 3-4 years.....i figured they might get quieter if anything as carbon builds up in them over time and kinda dampens the sound....but never noticed a change.
  20. Straight from the source huh :rlaugh:
    Are these the same guys that designed the cat-backs with too small of a ball-socket flare on the kits.

    "Tech department" :rolleyes:

    They get louder, period.