NO tint allowed in MA

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  1. Its pretty stupid.

    Unless its factory installed, it illegal.

    pisses me off
  2. None at all? Thats retarded.
  3. if its done professionally they wont know the difference or if its not super dark like some people tend to put on their windows and is really noticible when you cant see inside the car
  4. ive only been stopped once (i have 15% all around) and I didnt even get a ticket. I been driving around with 15% tint for three years. Just put your window down when you drive by cops, and dont drive around town like a jackass and cops will give you a break.
  5. i hear ya guys, but its not the cops that are the problem. They will reject an inspection sticker
  6. ya i just go in with my windows down and they dont even think to put them up, im more worried about my lack of cats and a smog pump when i go in to get my inspection lol
  7. Same here in PA. I received a $90 fine for having my side windows tinted.
  8. Welcome to the club:nice:

    I too recieved a was about $250 though:mad:
  9. Now this is just a waste of time. I mean the time it took to go tru the books the money spent for it to pass. Another bs law. I've driving with 5% tint since i bought this Mustang never got pulled over for it. I did get plled over once when i had a v6, i was speeding like a maniac and the cop let me of the hook with illegal tint. So i was happy. Over here in AZ i dont think cops worry to much bout tint since it does get hot as **** in the summer
  10. I don t know about MA but in michigan you can get a letter from your eye doctor that says you need tint b/c your eyes are extremely sensitive to light. if you are cool with your doctor just ask him, my doctor is my cousin so it worked out pretty well. i have 5% all around and still havent been pulled over. The only problem with that much tint is at night you cant see anything out of your side or back windows. I am afraid every time I make a turn I am going to hit a pedestrian. but it does make the car look sweet
  11. Yeah since my car is all black, I decided to be stupid and get 2.5% all around. It is so frickin awesome during the daytime; I don't even have to move the sun visor over to the side anymore. But during the night time, when there are no street lights, damn. That just sucks.

    But I love AZ. Cops don't care about petty crap like tint.
  12. 2.5%??? What shop did you go to???? I cant find any over here?
  13. I'll have to check up on this issue. I never heard about that??? I know there is a NO TINT law in RI, but not in MA. The current law in mass is 35 percent all the way around, except the windshield. You can get a doctors note to be able to get your windshield tinted at 50 percent.

    My buddy owns a tint shop in Westport and New Bedford areas. By law, they are supposed to notify bussiness's about any changes in the tint laws.

    I have an appointment to get my exploder and stang done in a few weeks. I'm getting the X done with 13 in the rear and 32 for the front 2. The stang is getting 32 all the way around. I hope this is a rumor, cause I will be pissed. I already paid for the jobs to be done.......LOL
  14. Here in NC they sell 2.5% percent in freakin I'm getting mine tinted like 10% when it starts to warm up some, I can't wait:D
  15. 35% here in MO. That's what my side windows are. The back are 10%
  16. In CT if you have 2 side mirrors you can paint the windows behind the driver black... but 35% on the front windows... now that I got my dome light working I am planning to tint it this spring...
  17. LOL - what does your dome light have to do with your window tint exactly? :shrug: Are you tinting the dome light? :rlaugh:
  18. Here is a link to the current mass tint law. This site has always been up to date with the tint laws, but I will check on it anyway.

    Here is also a link to the MASS RMV website. It also lists the tint law to be able to pass inspection. If you get a hassle for a sticker, just print this out and show the sticker person. If they still give you a hassle, take the rejection sticker and call in a complaint to the RMV.

    When you click on the link, go down to question #13.

    They talked about banning tint. But it never passed. They passed it in RI. There is nothing allowed in RI except factory privacy glass. Alot of Officers think it passed in MA but it didn't. I just went for a sticker today with my moms car. She's got 32% all the way around. I didn't have any problems with it. I also asked the guy about the tint, and he said there was no change in the law this year.