No Wonder Everyone Hates the 6!!!

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  1. Today, I had just left the school (USF) and was just coasting in the turn lane right behind a Z28 Vert, minding my own business, and all of a sudden I hear this ear-drum ripping, butt-nasty sound. Then this True Blue w/ Tan top Vert V6 speeds by. The stupid kid (also a USF student) just did some weak, ricer flyby with me and the Z28 in the TURN LANE and him GOING STRAIGHT, not to mention the fact that I can honestly say that was in the top 10 WORST sounding exhausts EVER. :bang:

    Please guys, lets not let the V6 reputation get any worse than it already is with this kind of crap. Let's leave the ricer "revving when they are no threat because they are in the turn lane" and ricer fly-by's to the RICERS and stop making our Mustangs look bad... PLEASE.
  2. at least he did't have 2 fart cans hangin off the back....
  3. Ha ha. I recall being in this one left turn lane, which also happens to have a second left turning lane next to it. I was in the far left, behind some people, and this ricer pulled up. next to me. It was a yellow vehicle who also was behind several people. He looked at me and started reving. I started reving too, just for kicks. My stock v6 sounded by far more agressive than whatever he had, not to mention, I could squeal my tires when he couldnt.

    Light turned green and we both made our left turns. Again, there were people infront of us, so racing clearly made no sense. The people infront either merged right, or got into a left turning lane, because (without speeding or showing any agression) I pulled out way ahead. Eventually I needed to make another left turn. I got into the turning lane and waited for a safe enough gap to turn. Because I was stopped, guessed who buzzed by? the yellow ricer. He passed in my former lane with his hand hanging out of his window Making a gesture just like that -> :notnice: Clearly there was nothing wrong with my car. He was just upset that he lost to a girl!
  4. You act like nobody rices V8s.
  5. as long as were on the rice subject i saw this honda, heaven only knows what kind it was, it had a wing on it that was at least 12" high, it had like 19" rear wheels with super low profile tires, and then up front he had painted black like 14" wheels, the kind that looks like a bigger version of the space saver spare...whats up with that?, looked like a$$
  6. Well hell, I dont blame the honda. I mean, have you seen how big the vehicles coming out of factory are these days? I mean, I was just noticing this, the guy next to me at this one light, his side mirrors were higher than my cars top up! And since I had the top down that day, we're talking they were 3 feet higher than my car! No wonder all these jerks keep trying to sideswipe me! The poor honda probally modded his car in hopes that people would see him in traffic.
  7. That's not why people hate the 6. People hate the 6 because it's the basemodel (among other reasons?). But its probably the best car out there for the price. Most v6 drivers arent like that, so it doesnt make sense for you to generalize like that.

  8. If I had a dollar for every time a GT or a Cobra did a flyby on me, I'd be a rich man. That's all I'm going to say about that.
  9. i agree v8 guy`s are just as bad they see the car is a 6 popper and try to intimidate you but there are quite a few GT`s,cobra`s and lt1`s that have been scratching their heads trying to figure out how they got their a$$ handed to them from my supercharged 6. also i wish everybody would quit saying the 3.8 sounds rice. there are no rice cars that even sound close to the 3.8. the 3.8 with a good exhaust sound like a 60`s racing Jaguar which in my opinion sounds pretty good. not like an american v8 but nontheless not even close to rice

  10. :nice: You know, it's good to hear someone else who's sick of being told his 3.8 sounds like a Civic. That's a load of crap. My 3.8 has a nice deep tone to it in the low rpm's and in the high rpm's it sounds like a true street car, not some ricer junk. I'm totally with you on the supercharged six thing. If I had the money, I'd love to get a supercharger. My best friend's buddy has a 2001 Cobra vert and I'd love nothing more than to hand him his a$$ just one time. Why is it that those Cobra guys think that just b/c they have an SVT, they can walk on water? :notnice:
  11. Good god Mean03 you're pretty much going around to all the posts I'm reading (right before me) and saying what I want to! lol. Everyone disses the v6, but what nobody realizes, when supercharged, and with well done mods, the v6 can beat just about any stock GT or cobra out there (from what i've seen firsthand)

    Also, my v6 does NOT sound like a rice rocket. There are some out there that have really poor exhaust setups on them, and they will make the popping sound just like a ricer, but mine does not. It gives out a nice deep steady tone, I've never noticed it popping once before. No, it's not going to sound like a v8, but that's simply because it is not. I haven't done many engine mods to my car yet, but now that I have a really well paying job, this summer working 50 hrs/week i'll be getting quite a few done to it. I just wish I could get a supercharger and show this idiot who drives a 95 cobra (stock, except for 20" rims and K&N Filter) that he doesn't have all he wants to think he does....

  12. :lol: :rlaugh: You know, I'm always getting dissed by people who think I'm full of $hit....nice to know there's someone out there who feels the same way I do. :cheers: ....20's on a Cobra? :rlaugh: I just know that has to look like crud, not to mention if he hits a flat cola can, he's gonna mess up his ride.
  13. our motors can be fairly potent with some forced induction i think.
    there was one crazy dude on with a TT setup running high 11's?

    bottom end seems pretty strong, people aren't having problems running a decent amount of psi on them.

    i wish i had the resources and know how to do that kind of stuff. I wonder if the 3.8L fom the buick grand national is based off of teh 3.8L of the mustang. that would be cool if you could punk the manifolds and plumbing off of the buick's motor and try to put it on the ford 3.8
  14. Seeing as how Buick is a GM company, I doubt it
  15. Was coming back from a regional tennis tournament yesterday and was rolling through Lubbock when I hear this rice coming from behind the suburban I was riding in. So I turn around and its a focus, ok, maybe it could be cool. Then it passes us, very first thing i see, honest to God, ther is a 4 foot tall wing (honestly, it was really about 4 feet tall) and Quad 3" tips, at least 3" each. I was like WTF?!?!?!!? so I rolled down the window and yelled some obscenities at him, hope he heard me.
  16. i am fully aware of that fact. that does not however mean that the companies never did share technology :)
  17. the ford 3.8 is a modified copy of the buick and resembles the stage2 buick racing block however buick parts wont work on the ford except for pistons. a .030" seriesII not stage2 buick piston will fit a .020" ford with modified Cryco rods. Tom morana used the seriesII pistons in his 4.6L ford stroker

    thet fact that the ford is a modified copy of the buick gives us ford owners the chance to follow in buick builders footsteps and learn from their mistakes and successes

    if anybody has any doubts about me saying the ford is a copy of the buick then just check this site out
  18. regardless, a blower on a 3.8 kicks butt
  19. DITTO!!!! :nice:
  20. if you have a V8 and a off road h pipe plz plz plz do ricer flybys on me :) :nice:
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