No Wonder Everyone Hates the 6!!!

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by 5-SpeedStallion, Apr 13, 2004.

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  1. [email protected] the time spent arguing these points.

    I have a 3.8 and a modified 5.0; both great vehicles.

    Come to Cali, show you plenty of riced the **** out 5.0's. All falls into the 'each his own' category.

  2. if you rip apart a perfectly good grand national motor, i'm gonna have to come there and beat you with a tire iron...

  3. why is is that some...(and I say some....not all)...V6 guys have the "nobody likes me every body hates me I wanna shoot someone to get some respect, that will show this i am serious" mentality?

    I surf all of the forums looking for good stories and mods for our cars and cant believe the hatred in the V6 area for other stangs.

    my perception only though, putting on the protective flame suit in preperation of the backlash.... :flame:
  4. Short man syndrome! :D

    2 Cylinders MINUS!

    JK guys, we got a 94 V6 that is our beat to **** car, she keeps on taking a lickin and keeps on tickin.

    I think we will drop a SC motor in it and call it a day.
  6. This one's easy actually. Rice= 4 cylinder car. In the mind of a GT owner, V6 Stangs are rice. In the mind of an SVT owner, GT's are for spoiled brats who couldn't afford a Cobra and "V6 Mustang? What's that?!" In so far as I am concerned, and I felt obliged to respond to your post since you used my quote, I'm not out for respect. I say, whatever floats your boat, so be it. But whether you have a GT or a Saleen, I don't care, you can take your ego trip elsewhere. I openly admit that I very much dislike V8 Stangs and Stangers b/c of the fact that they all think their car is the ultimate deal. If the V8 guys didn't hate on the sixers, then sixers wouldn't hate on the V8's. GREENBIOCH, I'm not flaming you fact, I agree with you on just about everything on this site. However, the people with small man syndrome are those who are willing to shell out $40k for something to compensate for......something. :D Since I was a kid I always wanted a GT Mustang. But, after owning one and after seeing what owning a car like that does to people, my interest in V8 Stangs is completely gone. I bought the V6, no it's not the fastest thing on the planet, but I'm happy with it, I'm not trying to compensate for anything and besides, the Cobra is FAR from the fastest thing on the planet either. :mad: :nonono: There's always someone who just has to open up the V8 topic again even though it aggravates the crap out of me. V8= :notnice: :nonono:
  7. I own a GT, COBRA and got a V6 beater in the shop..

    I can care less what it is, my GT is making 500rwhp, the Cobra is making 420, and the V6 is bone stock.

    I love all 3 of them.

    And I FAR suffer from SMALL MAN SYNDROME.

    Its just a FACT that the MAJORITY of V6 drivers on the road, RICE their V6 out to the max. (on the road in NYC)

    If I am lying, then let the roof over my head collapse If I dont see at least 1 v6 with altezzas and some retartedly ugly chrome rims.

    Hell, even my "brother in law" wants to RICE his V6 out, and he LOVES HIS CAR... I think its just natural... He was looking at altezzas(what he really wants), and some retartedly ugly transformers body kit.

    Just my take on this from a NYC point of view.
  8. :rolleyes: You know, that's such crap. If I had a dollar, no, if I had fifty cents for every GT on the road I've seen with Altezzas, I could retire. Seriously. Sure, I admit, alot of V6 Stangs are riced....they have bad rims, crazy body kits, and yes, the god awful altezzas. But the GT guys, oh man, they are another class all together. They opt for the huge, gigantic twin-bed sized - double deck - shoulder height-gotta-have-red-beacons-on-the-thing-to-keep-planes-from-flying-into-it carbon fiber wings, halogen headlights, Saleen tail light covers (dude, because you have the tailights does NOT mean you now have a Saleen, get over it.), huge rims that could fit on a friggin H2, Altezzas, and usually some stupid personalized plates that read something like "UR NVUS." The difference is, the attitude of the drivers. If a V6 beats a V8, it's got bragging rights, lets face it. But it's when a S-381 beats a 1981 four cylinder and the Saleen driver tells his buds about how he stomped this "really done up Stang with like 800 HP" that there's a difference. Thing is, the other V8 guys he's talking to are all over that. "Yeah man, that's so cool...our cars are so awesome...let's go find us a Civic to race man." :rolleyes: ... :mad: It's the V8 thing again....I gotta stop talking about this crap.
  9. Lets face it...its not all black and white, there is a grey area. Not all 6's are rice, and there are some rice GT's. I have never done anything to my 6 other then stuff to make it go faster in the quarter mile, which by a measure to some cars is slower then the norm. I'm comfortable with it though because to me its like golf I know my game is improving although I'm not tiger woods. For a V6 my car is faster then stock, I'm proud of my efforts and I have a sexy looking biotch. I have a sleepy look to mine and I'm not worried about the bling bling and 20's spinners. I have yet to still tint my windows, how sad is that.

    anyways in any circle there is rice, it's a social disease that can pop up like cancer, be a friend to those close to you and keep them on the path to a well taken car of car, be it a mustang, honda, or a dodge. If they rice it out steal it in the middle of the night so they may get insurance money to start over again from scratch. :D
  10. Whats a S-381?
  11. He's probly referring to the S-281 (check your facts before typing). I know in my area, the people respect what I've done to my car. Granted, there are some riced out V6's, along with some riced GT's and a Cobra with an Erubuni body kit.

    A car is a car is a car.....and it's their car. I don't like what some people are doing to their cars, and if they ask, I'll tell them (just the kind of person I am), but when it comes to putting racing stripes and 9" fart cans on a stang, I've gotta speak out.

    I don't have anything on my car to say it's anything other than a 6 and I'll keep it that way. There are no altezzas, no fart pipes, no sound system, no tinted windows, no blackouts. I think it's tasteful, and I can take "most" cars around me, even my brother in his GT.

    Just build the six to eight equality and you'll get respect.
  12. makes me mom has a PT that there are turbos PT's out there i wonder if they have the same thing in their crowd...the 50+ aged women fightin over who is mind wanders.
  13. Um, correction, I MEANT S-381. (Check YOUR facts before you start typing.) For those who don't know, the S-381 is the much higher horsepower supercharged Saleen. If a S-281 were to try to race one, it would get :owned: easy. Oh, and a car may be a car, but not everyone is driving their own car since you want to get all picky about facts. You know, I'm plenty ready to get into an argument for the 400th time over the whole V6 - V8 thing, but I'm not going to. I'm just gonna shake my head and walk away from this whole argument. :nonono:
  14. Most of that stuff was said by the V6 owner not the cobra guy.

  15. Yeah, my edit was a little late. That's my bad. :doh: But, as I said, I'm not going to even post anymore on a thread that has anything even remotely to do with V8 engines.
  16. Its the way it is, if you have a faster car of course you're gonna feel superior to a certain degree, although some show it more than others, some honestly don't care. If I had an 8 I'd be like "yo ****, what up with that piece o crap 6 of yours" :D
  17. Your so-called "MAJORITY" leave their car stock....

  18. You have a very valid point there. When I had the GT, I didn't start trash with 6ers....but then again, I couldn't afford the gas to run anyway. :D It is the way of the world though and I suppose that is never going to change. I guess I probably shouldn't have gone off in my earlier post, but I'm having a really bad day and had to vent somehow. Anyway, you guys STILL rock. :nice:
  19. Yea 495hp... good for it.

    But umm... how bout you take a chill pill.

    Relax with 2 40oz's and call it a WEEK!
  20. i think he meant s-351, made from 96-01 or something like that.

    can you post a link to the s-381? if not, check your facts next time please. :rolleyes:
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