No Wonder Everyone Hates the 6!!!

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by 5-SpeedStallion, Apr 13, 2004.

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  1. :rolleyes: Okay, I could swear that there is a S-381 BUT fine, since some people sleep with Ford production sheets under their pillow, I'll just say sure, why not, S-351. Some people get all whigged out over numbers..jeez. :notnice: Here, let me make life easier and change the car in question in the previous post to a everyone knows what I'm talking about. :notnice: :rolleyes:

  2. That sounds like a plan. :cheers:
  3. 1 last point from me. most v8 guy`s think the 3.8 v6 was an after thought by ford for the stang. while there is some truth to this, many v8 guy`s don`t know the potential in the 3.8 and the engineereing that went into making the 3.8. it went from the drawing board to production in less than a year and a half. it was copied from the buick v6 with many good upgrades engineered in to the design to make it better than the stage 1 buick it was based on. most v8 guy`s won`t even think about picking on a guy with a black buick but will pick on a guy with the 3.8 ford. why? the ford can be built to meet and exceed the buick`s performance. i know it hasen`t been done yet but it`s only a matter of time. most forced induction 3.8 ford mustangs out there will already run with a lightly modded buick.

    i own both a 99 4.6 and a 98 procharged 3.8. i like the 3.8 better. the 4.6 is a dog and i got a pretty slow one that`s for sure but it isn`t that much slower than most other 4.6`s out there and the 98 3.8 runs circles around my 4.6. granted the 4.6 mcan be built up but the parts are so damn expensive it`s not even worth it in my opinion. i laugh at people who say the 3.8 is more expensive to mod than the 4.6. it is a little more than the 5.0 but far less than the 4.6

    the fact is all mustangs are cool yes even the mustang II of the 70`s. us sixers need to be alittle less sensitive about what people say about our cars and v8 guys need to come down to reality. we all have our faults,but at least we drive the blue oval
  4. um, how 'bout no. but thanks for the stereotype. it puts you at the same level as people who hate V6's. you are bashing people who have V8's in the manner SOME of them bash you for having a 6. see the connection?

    so in turn, you are no better than them.

    yeah, more stereotypes. :rolleyes:

    yes, owning a V8 makes people EVIL!!!! :nonono:

    V8 = :nice:

    yes there are V8 owning pricks out there. but by hating all V8 owners because some of them are pricks makes you just as bad as them. i own a V8, i don't hate V6's or even I4's. every vehichle has a purpose. the reason that some of the V8 owners hate the V6 is because they tend to be riced out far more than the V8's. let's face it, it's the younger crowd that rices cars out, whether it is a Honda or a Stang. since the V6 is far more affordable than a GT, it is alot more accessable to the younger crowd, hence more rice. then you have the posers. the people who put GT or Cobra emblems on V6's.:nonono: GT's with Cobra Badges are bad as well. a few weeks ago i saw a V6 with a horrible sounding dual exhaust run under the stock bumber and a GT badge slapped on the back. needless to say, it was pathetic. some tool in a Civic is probably gonna race that guy and beat him, then tell all his friends he smoked a GT.

    moral of the story.

    be happy with the V6 no matter what a few ego tripping V8 owners say. going on your own ego trip isn't going to make anything better. if it weren't for the V6's, there would be no affordable V8's.
  5. well guys , I have heard e-nuff and I am doing what a sixer must. starting with the six, its called bored.stroked, cammed, carbed, and the ending displacement is 4.3 liters, with headers and mac "H" pipe flowing into a pair of flows, backed with an AOD.
    Oh and by the way it's an '83 vert sporting 300HP at the crank . Oh yeah its about 40 horses less than a "Hemi" dodge with 2 less cylinders and only 285 cubes.

    you V-8 boys can go cry now

  6. :hail2: :nice: :flag:
  7. Know what I like? When someone with a 99 + GT takes off the GT logos and slaps on the 5.0 logos...very nice. :nice: As for you taking apart my post, I guess I should be impressed, but I'm not. Owning a V8 does NOT make a person evil, it makes them an a$$hole. They say there's exceptions to every rule...however, that's one rule I have NEVER seen an exception to. As for me having an ego trip, hey, am I running around talking about smoking GT's and Cobras? I think not. I'm not bragging at all. And you are wrong about the rice. A 4-cylinder Japanese car is rice. That is where the term comes from. Its slang, and it's been around longer than I have. "Few ego-tripping V8 owners?" Try 99%...I'd say 100%, but I'm still trying to give the benefit of the doubt that there is someone out there with a V8 who doesn't have an ego. By the way, the V8 is not exactly affordable. If you're having a mid life crisis or if your mommy and daddy buy all your stuff, then sure, I can see it being affordable. I'm going to stop this post before I go off again. I'm not flaming you personally, I'm just sick of defending points that don't need any defense because they are fact. Have a good one. :flag:

  8. :hail2: :nice: I agree completely with everything you just said. :flag:
  9. Gee I must be really doing something bad(LOL) I by the time I am done , will own 2 modded 6's one modded 8(BLOWN 347) and will be stuffing a Thunderbird SC motor system inside a 86 'stang . So what does this make me? My own evil twin???
    dont take it so personal people
  10. that is very gay, unless someone has the 5.0L stroker kit.

    i'm so dissapointed. ok, not really. but i didn't expect someone who is so scorned to comprehend what i was saying anyway. you go guy! don't let those big meany V8 owners pick on you!

    somehow i'd bet you'd be to chicken s**t to say that to their faces. and you ain't exactley making yourself out to be a nice guy yourself.

    maybe because you are too busy running around calling V8 owners a$$holes.

    you don't have to be bragging to have a big ego. being overly defensive to the point where you are offensive also shows one's ego.

    and who is? i'm beginning to think you are smoking something, but it isn't cars.

    reading comprehension owns you. i said I4's not japanese 4-cylinder. 4 cylinder cars. so i guess the Focus is rice now too? the new 2.3L engine is a joint venture between Ford and *GASP* Mazda. and as we all know, Mazda = rice.

    there are several V8 owners including myself, who have said they do not hate V6's. drop the negativity and maybe you will see it's nowhere near 99%.

    although "affordable" is a relative term, you'd have to be pretty strapped for cash by American standards to not label the GT an "affordable" V8. many people are buying brand new GT's for less than $20k. in case you haven't heard, the average price of a new car is over $20k. there is no other new car on the market that offers a V8 for anywhere near the GT.

    they are only facts in your mind. the negativity is clouding your perception of reality.
  11. lol no wonder people hate v6er's like you. you are a whiny ****ing ****.
  12. Now quit the flaming guys. Many 6'ers are upset with peeps like this because the 6'ers cannot afford to keep a GT, that's just the way it is. So, whenever they do get a few extra bucks that they spend on their 'stang to make it just that small percantage faster, I see many GT boys saying "What a waste, you're modding a V6", when many of the GT boys do not mod their cars at all. Me being biased having a V6, i feel for my people. Several of the GT boys do not make the payments on their 'stangs, mostly, my age group 16-21. But if you EVER hear a V6 beating a GT, of course the 6'ers are rooting their heads off, but it makes many of the GT boys in their V8s nearly to the point of crying. I love my 6, wish I had an 8, but I'm gonna make it faster than you're GT.
  13. the majority of car owners of any car leave it stock. ex. sterios, teens will always buy way to much crap for sterios.

  14. Cry? :scratch:

    Bolt-on 99+ GTs can easily make 300 crank hp.

    99+ GTs that have been bored, stroked, cammed + bolt-ons have between 450-500 crank hp.


    Mean03V6, you have got to have the most entertaining posts on all of Stangnet! :nice:
  15. :rlaugh: This Mean03V6 guy sounds like a complete tool
  16. I love those S381s!! :nice:

    Im wondering... How much did it cost you guys to modify and supercharge your v6?
  17. So um... maybe he was revving to say "nice cars". It happens. Maybe he wanted to show his appreciation for the cars. None of you have ever thrown a rev at a fellow stanger? It's happened to me before, from a modified 5.0 to a fartcanned Eclipse to "the king of all" Trans Ams. Revving is a way of showing respect for some people.

    As for "riced" stangs. I've seen every kind... V6, GT, Cobra.
    I really don't understand what the big deal about putting a Saleen kit on a V6 is either... Doesn't anyone else remember that Saleen made V6 mustangs in the mid '90s?

    ...and older people do "rice" cars. At the movies I saw a PT Cruiser horribly modified, with rims, taillights, bodykit, exhaust, hoodscoops. The couple in the Cruiser were at least 50. I also know of an old bald guy with a flamed paintjob Eclipse.

    Do what you want to your car, don't be offended if someone bashes it (If I don't like it, you won't know my opinion unless you ask for it). It's your car. You might have paid for it. I like all kinds of cars. I could care less if my car is faster than yours. I look at cars artistically. I grew up with '60s cars, so I have a sweet spot for most of them. But if it looks good, be it a Supra TT or a Camaro SS, I'll take it.

    As far as I can tell "Rice" = anything done to a car that does not agree with your opinion/view. :shrug:
    I've tried to keep my post "stereotype" free, but it seems like most of them (rice) do it to fit in or be noticed. If you care so much about what everyone else is thinking, then your car is going to be just like theirs. Which most of them do look and sound the same. I just wish they weren't so color blind and had better taste. :D
  18. Those #'s are not that special, you can get that out of a 6.
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