No Wonder Everyone Hates the 6!!!

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by 5-SpeedStallion, Apr 13, 2004.

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  1. hey, im down for flying to TX to find a nice running V6 within the next month or so.

  2. You know, very rarely, if ever, will I agree with an SVT owner...but this is one of those times. :nice:
  3. Well, if you come to the Houston area I'm SURE u can find one cheap that's in at least decent shape for the price you are looking to may even be able to find one at one of the Car Max lots around here. If not, Stangs are always for sale by private owners around here...some are pretty good deals. I'll keep an eye out and if I see one that looks good and is in your range, I'll let you know. I'm sure I could get the number of the owner for you and you guys could talk out the rest. :nice:
  4. Thanx bud.

    The thing has to be an AUTOMATIC!

    I told the girlfriend, if I trade her a 6cyl SN95 car, will she give me the notchback, and she obliged to the deal!

  5. Hey no problem, I'm happy to help out a fellow Stanger. :cheers: Also, congrats on owning the 5.0 Cobra (foxbodys rule :D ). I'd just like to say that it's nice to talk to someone who has an awesome car and isn't a jerk about it. :flag: It shouldn't be too hard to find an auto in good's mostly the sticks that get run hard and put up wet. I can't promise anything, but I'll start looking out for a good Stang for ya. :nice: By the way, your g/f must be really cool to hook you up like that. :nice:
  6. Cant complain!

    The 94 is not a Cobra, I have a 97 DOHC COBRA S/C'd.

    Numbers in Sig.

    Thanks dude.

    I am REALLY going to bed this time!

    PS: join the website in the sig, we are cool people, and have a couple 6cyl owners.

    PS2: we allow nudity FREELY! :nice:

  7. that's not 300 rear wheel horsepower. there is a huge difference. a 340rwhp 4.6L = 400hp at the flywheel. so if you want to compare apples to apples, the highest N/A 2V that i know of has 400 flywheel hp.

    while the V6 is no piece of crap, it does take quite a bit of work for it to keep up with 99+GT's. so some people don't see the point of buying a V6, spending money on trying to keep up with GT's, then in the end, have spent just as much money as it would have cost to buy the GT in the first place. i'm not saying i think that way, but i believe that is the perception. same thing applies to GT's and Cobras.
  8. in performance terms, there is no comparison between the 3.8L V6 and the 4.6L GT. and that's why people buy GT's over V6's. and Cobras over GT's. as far as the insurance, i only pay about $50 a month. not bad for a rwd V8 convertible if you ask me. as for the price tag, well, if you want more power, it costs money. i wanted more power, so i spent more money. it's as simple as that. i'm sorry you do not comprehend.

    parts may be cheap for the V6, but you have alot of catching up to do in the HP & TQ departments. not to mention the rear end and tranny.

    he's not looking in the right places then. most parts cost the same as GT parts.

    in ones own mind, he is king.

    that wasn't what i said. are you having trouble reading? i said you would not call them an a$$hole to their face.

    :rlaugh: you've got to be kidding? list price means nothing. go to the 4.6L board and ask people how much they paid for their GT's new. there are several people who have gotten 02 and 03's, possibly even 04's below $20k. go to a car lot for christ's sake and find out for yourself. i paid $26k for mine and it's a fully loaded vert with the limited edition 35th anniversary package. it's pricey? lmfao! who else sells a V8 car for that much? no one. and the GT comes with a stronger tranny and rear end Vs. the V6.

    although the hp difference, depending on year, 67-115hp, that doesn't tell the whole story. there is a thing called torque as well. the 99+ GT's can run a full second faster in the 1/4 than the V6. in auto racing, that is a huge margin.

    you also have an inferiority complex. :owned: i never bashed the 6, so why attack me? simple, inferiority complex. you lash out at those who have more than you. in this case, it's the number of cylinders.

    you can feel however you wish. opinions don't have to be founded in reality.

    would you like me to go back in this thread as well as the old thread and point out who attempted to insult who first? i'd really hate to own you yet again, but if you insist, i'll do it.

    <marquee>TeH :owned: </marquee>
  9. Btw for "Pinski"
    Its NOT a "99 motor or computer setup" its a Flat Tappet motor out of an "87 T'bird with 4bbl , P+P heads, custom cam and .500 lift with 1.8 rockers pirated from a big block. So dont tell me the "DYNO" stories from tuning your "dumb engines" (takes all the tune out of human hands) and build a hot motor for an OLD (well maybe older than you lol) car where the tune is in the ear of the tuner and in the seat of the pants.
  10. Ok, please check out the thread I just started titled My Problem With V8s. I think you'll enjoy the story...and I have no problems calling anyone an a$$hole to their face. I'm not a jerk, but if you're askin for it, you're gonna get it. You think you :owned: me? Well, whatever makes you sleep at night. :rolleyes:

  11. shall i arrange a meeting with you and some Houston area V8 owners so you can prove that you will call them A$$holes to their faces? they are all a$$holes since the own V8's. according to you anyway.:rlaugh:
  12. AHA...AHAHA....AHAHAHAHA.... :rolleyes: How old are you, like 12? And stop sending me private messages about how you :owned: me dude.

  13. werd, there's nothing like hearing a healthy car at WOT :banana:
  14. Remember Mustangs have 4cyl too, if you think this you are no better than the guys you talk about hating your V6.
  15. I meant to say Japanese 4 cyl cars.
  16. Chill, you didnt say that in your original post, how was I or anyone else supposed to know what you were thinking... I was just stickin up for the 4cyl b/c it sounded like you were knockin them...

  17. I owned a 1981 rust bucket 4 cyl with somethin like a million miles on it. It was my first car and I loved it...learned how to drive a stick thanks to it. To this day, I still say that the four cyliner Stangs are quick and very fun to drive...sorry for goin off on you there, guess I should make myself clearer when I post. My fault. :hail2:
  18. Its cool, no hard feelings...

    Hey, I read your mods in your sig, got any full size pics of your stang, it sounds cool
  19. :cheers: Thanks! Well, all the pics i have were taken with a digital camera and they are all too large to post. :( I had my avatar pic posted here at one point, but I forgot what I did to make it work... :shrug: If I can figure it out, I'll get some pics up. :nice:
  20. if i'm 12, i'm more mature than your whiny little ass. wah wah wah. i got picked on by V8 owners.:rlaugh: quit acting like a child scorned because you couldn't keep a GT.

    are you backing down now? you said you would tell V8 owners to their face they are a$$holes.

    oh, and i haven't sent you a PM in MONTHS!

    :owned: again.
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