No Wonder Everyone Hates the 6!!!

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  1. :bs: ..whatever kiddo. There's way too much going on right now for me to waste my time with this kind of junk.

  2. I will have to do that! :nice: It might take a few days b/c my email site is down. :( Gotta love it.

  3. oh noooooes! if i'm a "kiddo" as you imply, why is the insurance on my GT so cheap? also, how would a 12yr old own a house and 2 cars? i must be a child star! sweetness! now if only i could age 4 years really quick so i could drive my moddified GT. :rlaugh:

    calling someone older than you "kiddo" = TeH GaY!
  4. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: I would love to see Mean03V6 call me an a$$hole to my face. Then I would watching him call me a nice guy when I helped him up off the ground.
  5. Im still :eek: that he said the four cylinder stangs are quick. I was watching a four cyl notch race a 4 door auto civic and the poor stang got taken down. I was lmao the whole time. :rlaugh:
  6. Cracks me up when people start talking about actually fighting over some **** that happens in an internet forum.

  7. If your set on a V6 look for 99'-04' but if it was me I would probly just buy a GT. Yes that is comming from the supposed V8 hater :rolleyes: I'm sure you could pick up a nice 94-95 GT pretty close to what some of the 99 V6s go for. Now that is just my .02 worth ;)
  8. Maybe I should have had a glass of this last night uh :lol:

    I admit I was a little harsh on the other thread about this crap but deep down inside I don't care which motor people runs Just as long as its American :flag: Also long as people don't have that holyer than thou adituted I'm cool. I just wanted to point out that just because someone has a V6/4cl don't mean it can't go fast. In some cases I think it can be done cheaper than other motors. Anyways what about the kids who's perants refuse to buy them a fast car simply because of that F&F mentality crap going around now days? I'm a dad my self and if my son was old enough to drive I have to ask my self would I want him with a 300+ hp car at the age of 16? As for teaching, If some one wants and can have a GT, they aren't as bad as what people make them out to be. Shop around both for the car and insurance, always get three qoutes atleast. I got a fully loaded 04' Tahoe 5k less than my town was selling a strip down model for just because I ran a search online. The cool thing is that I didn't have to drive over 20 miles to pick it up. I've seen 87-93' Foxs go for 1500.00 and 94-95 GTs for 5-8k. Heck I've seen 01' Cobras sell way less than a new GT.

    P.s Someone really needs to show me that trick where I can quote mutiple times on one post :D
  9. [ quote] [/ quote]

    Or click this... [​IMG]
  10. You know, I don't know why I bother with this crap. I'm never going to see you in person, you know it, so you continue to talk out your a$$...guess that's what you call entertainment. :rolleyes:
  11. Umm...Mean03V6 calm down and take a deep breath...Hold it...ok let out :D

    Lets try and end this Mustang on Mustang hate crime ;) The answers to all our problems is exceptence :D You may as well :bang: if you think you will prove someone's opinion is wrong exspecaily if they change it freqantly.
  12. Ok I agree with that. Besides, talk is cheap anyway....and pointless as well. So, I guess it's back to the topics at hand then. :cheers:
  13. :nice: :cheers:

  14. I was just wondering what happend to that whole idea. :shrug:
  15. I used to want to get a Gt or even better a Cobra, but now im afraid that I'll go through some transformation into an A##hole. :shrug:
    Is there any support groups for things like this??
    Or maybe i could go on Jerry Springer "Crazy love triangle, Mustang enthusist torn by choice on engine size and the effect it will have on his/her personality." Jerry always solves the problem at the end. :nice:
  16. I would just close this thread and ban any future Mustang on Mustang hate threads. This should save anyone the humilliation of Springer :lock: :D
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