Noise filtering capacitor for PLX/Tweecer

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  1. Please bare with me, I'm pretty ignorant with

    I have my PLX-300 wideband all wired up and set except
    for the noise filtering capacitor. The instructions
    say I need to install these if I'm going to integrate
    it with the tweecer, but I've seen a few people not
    running these.

    Since I'm only running the linear output, I'm assuming
    I just have to run one from the ground to the white
    wideband wire. I don't have a solderer so is there a
    way that I can wire this in? Can I just twist it
    around the wires and crimp it in a heat shrink tube?
  2. Thanks for that link, looks like he ran a "cap" from the ground to the white wire. I'm just wondering how much of a difference it will make. I have the ground wire/power wire/#27 EGR wire all tapped at the PCM, so there's not alot of room there for a capacitor to fit in and my 6'4" frame is having a hell of a time getting in there.
  3. i may be wrong but i think it makes the reading not jump around as much and look more like the numbers on the wideband? when i am in calcon the numbers jump around like crazy and i think it is the "noise" they talk about. i ran my wire from the egr wire in the bay. it just gave me more voltage to get a signal to play with. i hear ya about getting in their and working it is a pain!
  4. The capacitor here acts as a Low Pass filter to eliminate all the high frequency "noise" that will accompany the signal. The sensor you use is analogue, and somewhere along the line (either the sensor output or your computer) that signal is converted to DC at some predetermined resolution. Along with this process, noise is introduced. The capacitor "cleans it up" so that you get a cleaner digital readout.

  5. Cool, thanks for defining that for me.

    I was going to run my wire into the bay for the EGR connection but its not long enough for the two firewall holes that I've found. So I'm going to run it to the PCM.

    Do I want my cap to connect the ground and output wire in a specific location? LIke as close to the pcm wire I'm putting them in to? Or can I go farther back towards the wideband readout box?