Noise in driveline somewhere

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  1. I'm getting a noise in my driveline, like a wumph-wumph-wumph ( kinda like the word sounds ) at a second or less intervals when the car is moving at slow speeds ( maybe 10 to 20 mph ). It seems to be in the rotation of the drivetrain, as it'll vary with speed, possibly in the driveshaft, rear axle, transmission or torque converter. It doesn't sound to be a "grind". The car still has the 5 year powertrain warranty, so now is the time to get it fixed. I get it when starting out but I also get it after a two or three hour drive, when I slow back down. Any ideas??

    I searched the 06TSBs, and the only ones I see refer to the rear axle with a whine or hum ( 05-20-2 ), which doesn't sound like I have as I think a whine or hum would be constant and my sound is on and off, and I saw the one on limited slip clatter but that's under turning and I tried the turning back and forth first when I heard it and it's there when I'm running straight.

    Anyone have this and it being solved by following the 05-20-2 TSB

  2. do you have stock gears?
  3. As far as I know. I've been meaning to call the fellow I bought it from to confirm.
  4. wumph-wumph-wumph!

    Maybe it's some umpha-lumpas....... Just kidding

    It could be brakes just slightly hanging or wheels bearings. Jack the car up and spin the tires to see if you can figure out where the sound is coming from (front, rear, left, right). Or since it's under warranty, learn how to consistantly get the car to make the sound and take it to the dealership and have them figure out what it is.
  5. I'm actually interested in this as well. My 07 makes the same noise.
  6. I know - it sounded stupid putting it there, but I spelt it the way it sounded to me, and I went and Googled wumph-wumph and sure enough, I'm not the only one. Some fellows did solve it with wheel bearings, one fellow solved it by re-torquing wheel nuts, and another suggestion was pinion bearing. If I find out I'll post it here.
  7. You're description was actually perfect. I knew exactly what you meant when I read it. I've thought about posting a question about it before, I just couldn't ever think of a way to describe it.
  8. Did you ever find a fix for this? I am having the same problem.