Noise While Steering 1998 Mustang Gt

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Nick D, Feb 19, 2014.

  1. my 98 gt has started to make a noise while steering, the sound wasn't so bad a week ago but now it's very loud. it sort of sounds like something is dry/squeeking, not girding though. im not exactly sure where it could be coming from and how to fix it.
  2. Need more info. Is is coming from the steering shaft area, the steering colum, the wheels, the steering pump?
  3. definitely not the wheels, or the steering shaft, but i most likely is coming from the steering pump or column. i'm going to change the power steering fluid first to see if that helps. you only hear the sound when you steer the car and it sounds like it is dry without any lubricant
  4. Is the fluid level full?
  5. I just checked the fluid level and the level is a about 1/2 inch above the MAX label. when i check it a couple weeks ago, it was in between the max and min labels. so i would assume there may be a clog in the hose or something that prevents the fluid from going to the pump
  6. Nah, it circulates through the system.The level also is different when cold vs warm
  7. perhaps, ill see when i change the fluid and let you know
  8. FIXED! my ball joints were making the sound, i seen on youtube on how to add a hole to the joint so i could pump grease into it. Then i put a cap on it to prevent it from queeking
  9. Its may be the fluid level is overfull or u have to service ur steering system add new oil . Use only motorcraft .may be ur oil is get so dirty to make the pressure stable. to much pressure inside which cause the steering to produce sound and make sure that there's no pipe leakage ...if then brake padel will also make sound when u hit brake.