Non Mustang Brake question please help though

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  1. Well my dad got a 80 something nissan truck......Its leaking brake fluid what looks to be from the passenger front side brake caliper....Thats a bad caliper correct???Also when you brake the brake, the brakes a very soft till the end were you have to press hard to stop......Thats air in the system right and a a possible bad caliper???

    Another question- How do you breed your brake system from all the air inside of it?
  2. Take the wheel off, and have a close look see. I would say possibly brake hose or fitting, or the caliper piston seal, or the caliper piston may have cracked or otherwise failed. Yes when you pump the brake pedal you are pumping out brake fluid from the leak and pulling in air. Don't drive the truck until its fixed. If its the caliper piston seal you could fix it for as little as $5.:nice:
  3. caliper rebuild kits are a pain in the ass. I don't think you would have the patience to do it. You would pull out one of your guns and shoot the damn thing lol I almost did
  4. I bet most auto parts stores have loaded calipers for under $50 if picking up a rebuild kit doesn't interest you.

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  5. inspect all the brake components while your at it to see if you need anything else...... just buy a replacement caliper and see hat kind of warranty you get