Non-mustang Car Suggestions?

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  1. Hey guys, looking for ideas here.

    My daughter wants a new(er) car. She's looking for something fun, sporty, reliable. It also needs to be able to get around good in snow, as she live in Alaska, so either FWD or AWD. Mustang is not a good option.

    One she's mentioned is a Mini Cooper. I'm looking for other ideas though. Any suggestions? Price wise, looking in the $12-15k range.
  2. Subaru WRX

  3. I agree that the WRX is probably the best option for an all year car where you live. If you want to get something really sporty and stay in the Ford family, try and track down a Mazdaspeed. Be warned though, that's going to put you at the top of the budget range. Especially if she wants a 3 and not a 6.

  4. Being that its Alaska I would want AWD and no one does that better then Subaru. You can get a used WRX for your price range and they are fun sporty cars to drive
  5. Amazing how this has become common perception. I'm not sure which one is actually better, but when I am back in Norway, the people consider the Subaru to be the amateur car, and a Ford the car for those who know what they are doing. Ford has been doing 4 wheel drive rally style cars a lot longer than Subaru, they just haven't sold many of them on this side of the Atlantic.

  6. No one else does a Symmetrical AWD system. Most are quasi have assed AWD systems.
  7. Funny, I was just gonna confess my love for Subarus here too. I had a turbo Legacy last winter, but sold it to by the new GT. When it started getting cold recently, I went and grabbed an N/A Imprezza because I love the AWD for winter. WRX's are so much fun, but I went N/A just for the gas mileage factor. My Legacy could only muster 17 mpg in town when I was real easy on it. The little turbos kill your mpg when you stomp on it. I am pleasantly surprised with the pep of the N/A version, as it is geared really well. Once you hit 70 mph though, its done.
  8. Porsche's have symmetrical all wheel drive as well. I think very little of the traction loss has to do with a symmetrical system. As far as road tests I've seen, everyone seems to prefer the EVO to the Subaru. Of course those are all more geared towards performance. The Subaru might have some advantages in the snow.

  9. Know all about Subarus. Wife has a Forrester. You can't swing a dead cat here without hitting a Subaru. She's looking for something with a little more character than a Subaru. They're great cars, don't get me wrong, but they don't exactly have the looks to go with the performance.
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  10. Thats why I suggested a WRX b/c its not a family type vehicle. its more of a sporty fun car to drive.

    Kurt I dont think a Porsche is to practical up in Alaska lol. The EVO/Subaru battle goes back from year to year as of late. Subaru had some off years ( Cough 2008 cough ) as well as the Evo. Over all between the two id still take the WRX/STI and I dont say that just b/c I own one, I say that b/c I could have gotten one over the STI if I really wanted to when I was in position to get something after the ranger was totaled. The video was posted just to simply point out that not all AWD systems are the same or created equally. I see all kinds of cars with AWD badges on them now, funny how Subaru does not have to advertise the fact its AWD b/c they sell cars based on its rep.
  11. I do like the Subaru. It's not for me, but it's a neat concept. And you're right, most 4 wheel drive systems are pathetic.

  12. Watch Tanner Faust on Top Gear USA race the EVO down a mountain against a skier and it might change your mind.
  13. I watched Ben Collins race an EVO down a hill against an off road skate boarder on Top Gear.

  14. Ill toss my opinion in.

    2008+ honda accord coupe. Sporty in the v6 trim. Reliable. EX-L w/navigation is great.

    It is only 1 wheel front drive with traction control. It still moves good in the snow.

    Subaru is going to beat it hands down. Just depends on how badly you need to AWD.

    If you are up in alaska I wouldn't bother with anything other than an AWD car. Not worth risking you life.
  15. Over the past two winters and this one to be up coming soon I have have not encountered anything snow/ice wise that my STI with snow tires was not able to handle with ease.
  16. It's not anything to consider here in Georgia. It does snow, but when it does nobody's going anywhere anyway.

  17. doesn't snow like this in Georgia lol. Winter weather and travel is a big thing in this area. Unfortunately we don't get to skate by w/ the occasional dusting like some of the southern states.



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  18. Appreciate all the feedback. You guys must still think we live in igloos! Actually, winter driving here is not THAT bad; although we do it for 5-6 months, the road crews here are professionals, and the snow for the most part is very dry, so you don't get a lot of ice on the roads, and with just snow, traction is pretty good. AWD is not a necessity by any means; a good FWD car with snow tires is more than sufficient. For the last two winters, my son ran his 06 Mustang with studs and no problems, not even climbing my rather challenging driveway. Lots of AWD Porsches up here too. My daughter would live that idea, but it doesn't fit well in her $12-15k price range.

    Any other suggestions? Anything with a little more visual appeal?
  19. how does this not ooze of visual appeal lol :nice:


    I think our winters are relatively similar. We do get a frequent wet heavy snow and ice though. As far as other suggestions what other types of cars does she like in the sporty aspect. I think anything that with FWD and studs would be ok from what you described.....although Id still take AWD 7 days a week :). Only reason I'm so for AWD is after having it the past two winters and seeing how it is as compared to a 4x4 and RWD with studs and FWD all of which I have driven. You may able to cope and get by in a winter with FWD with studs but Id rather take winter by the neck and kick it in the balls

    Porsche does have a symmetrical AWD system but the way the clutch's and differential send power to the front is completely different. About the only system out there that I would consider having a slight edge over the subaru AWD would be Audi b/c they offer torque vectoring.

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