Non-mustang Car Suggestions?

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  1. The last time we had a little bit of snow and ice, I mean just enough to stick to the roads, the city was shut down for a day until they could truck grit in from Dublin, GA. This place sucks. They aren't prepared for anything.

  2. how about an audi, all wheel drive and a little turbo. fun cars
  3. They dont even start to plow or do anything to the roads around here until its 3-4 inch's on the roads. But thats b/c people know how to drive in it and can deal with it.
  4. You could go for an AWD Dodge Magnum or Chrysler 300C, either with a hemi engine... Get around good, have good interior space, and fun power. Pretty sure they both get 20+ mpg also, if you take it easy on them.
  5. Sounds like my kind of place! I'm so done with Alaska.
  6. Audi A3, Volkswagon Jetta/Passat, Volvo C30
  7. For those suggesting Audi or VW, have you owned one? What model and year? Maintenance issues? I would like to go Audi, and so would she, but my wife had a 99 Passat and an 01 turbo Beetle, and I got rid of both because of maintenance issues. Loved the cars, enjoyed driving them, but was always ticked off about the maintenance.

    Checked briefly on line to see if the problems were resolved, but couldn't find anything reassuring.
  8. Friend of mine has an 2001 Beetle ( non turbo ) she does not like it to much and I cant comment on how it is in the snow as of yet. Not sure of how the maintenance and up keep on it is b/c she got it used but it does have a few issues with it and I'm pretty sure it needs a good tune up considering its mileage. I have driven it but not much to really give a fair review.