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  1. I know this has nothing to do with Mustangs but it is a car problem and i really dont want to register on another forum for one topic...

    A friend of mine has a 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport that is hard to start in the morning, but the problem is intermittent. If she applies about 1/2 throttle when starting, it will eventually fire up but then she has to hold the rpms up so it doesnt die. after a few minutes of sustained 2000rpm, it will idle fine. she says there is no lack of power and fuel mileage hasnt changed, its just a PITA to get started on most *not all* mornings, or after it has been sitting more than a couple hours. I have not experienced this problem first hand i am just going on what she has told me. I beleive it is a fuel related problem and suggested she start small and replace her fuel filter, as it is inexpensive and needed maintenance anyway. her mechanic told her that the fuel filter in her vehicle is not removable, which has got to be a load of BS...why would there be a filter if it cant be changed??

    anyway, if anyone has any further ideas as to what might be wrong or knows anything about the fuel filter in a cherokee, post it up...i dont want her to spend all sorts of money chasing something and she lives too far away for me to just pop in and check it out for myself.
  2. I'd check and clean the IAC [or whatever the vehicle uses for idle compensation]

    Good luck.
  3. I'd have to double check but, I believe some of the newer Jeeps do not have a replaceable fuel filter as it is in the fuel tank. I'll try to take a look @ All Data when I go to work tomorrow.
  4. this did cross my mind when she told me what her mechanic said, but i was figuring he didnt want to get involved with dropping the tank...a filter HAS to be replacable, maybe a PITA but you gotta be able to change it
  5. sounds like a walk in the park compared to a contour/mystique trans filter.
  6. Or anything on a Contour really....

    I had one. I despised it. Greatly. Went through 3 trannys. Grrrrrrrrrrr.

    Then some dumbass bought it for 3k and I got a Stang!
  7. no offense, but its posts like this that make me not read stangnet anymore. There is an "off topic" forum! :mad:
  8. I am in agreement with Hissin50: the IAC is suspect. Most EFI engines do a no pedal start - you crank the engine without pressing the accelerator. If the IAC is malfunctioning, you can get a no start condition.
  9. c'mon nate, no need to be like that man...this is the forum that i frequent and i trust you guys to have good insight and information on car issues, even if they arent mustang related. the off-topic forum is a free-for-all of all sorts of crazy stuff, i posted in here because i know there are guys in here who know their stuff. besides, you didnt have to read it :cheers:

    :SNSign: :banana:

    id still like to see ya out at some of the tri-state mustangs meets this summer. i am re-organizing alot of stuff and hopefully we get more member involvement to make some seriously nice events. let me know if the NEPA guys are putting anything together that we could check out :nice:
  10. this had crossed my mind too, i just wasnt sure what type of setup the jeep 4.0 had. if its like a 5.0, that will be a piece of cake!
  11. I understand that, but its become that all forums are basicly anything goes anymore. they should start a "auto related, but non mustang" section here.
    Yeah, we are trying to get something together in the NEPA region, mostly for some small time cruises, track dates and some other stuff.

    Good luck with the problem.
  12. i agree, it would be a good addition. the anything goes forum is really not great IMO for posting actual problem topics, its just for goofing off mor than anything. if we had a seperate section for non mustang related car problems it would be perfect.

    i see alot of other forums with WAY more sections than stangnet, and they are all active. maybe somethin for the admin to think about??
  13. Those Cherokee's are known for having crankshaft position sensors that fail, and make it very difficult to start, and sometimes they just won't. I beleive it's located on the transmission bellhousing.

    It's worth looking into, it's a common problem.
  14. good point, hadnt thought about it. thanks!