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  1. im debating if i should sell some of the stock parts ive got lying around the house....i know they are not worth much but they are starting to take up some serious garage space :D ....the only thing holding me if someday i come across a nice low miles Cobra that i can buy....if i have all the stock stuff from my GT...i could convert the GT back to stock sell it and buy the snake....or if im keeping the GT id rather have a stock GT and a modded Cobra, than a modded GT and a stock Cobra ya know????......what would you guys do???

  2. I'm selling alot of my old stock parts and suprisingly they're actually selling. I sold stuff that I never thought I could have sold (stock shifter, stock headers...) I plan on keeping my car for ALONG time so I don't mind getting rid of my stock stuff. If your thinking about upgrading in the future, I say hang onto the parts because as our cars get older people break stuff and they sometime don't want to buy aftermarket parts. Like one guy might buy my stock h-pipe because his is going bad and he doesn't want to buy an aftermarket one yet.

  3. I kept my stock heads, cam, intake, headers, injectors. They don't make 5.0's anymore. Shrink wrapped it all and put it up in the attic. The suspension stuff I threw away (upper/lower control arms).
  4. I have not, and will not sell ANY of my stock parts. I don't plan to EVER sell my car, but someday I might want to make a restored "stocker" out of it. I look at it this way, for the little money I'd make in selling them its not worth it in case I ever actually needed the parts it would be hard and hell to find and I'd probably pay through the nose since our cars are "semi-rare." Keep in mind that many of our parts are now discontinued by ford, and our cars were only made for two years so there will not be a lot of them available.
  5. i think you should check to see if you hve a cobra manifold you want to give me
  6. i checked :D .....but i guess my GT didnt come with a Cobra manifold...sorry :rlaugh:

  7. I have kept EVERYTHING. This was my first car. My Dad bought the car back in 1998 (I think it was 1998) and drove it for a few years until I could drive, then I bought it from him in 2001. I hear a lot of my older family members saying how they wish they had their first car again and how nice it was. I don't want to regret getting rid of my car, and like Jake, I plan on keeping the car forever. Some day when I get old, I'm going to want to restore it back to the way it came from the factory, and I've saved every part from the car. Hoses, clamps, the stock catback exhaust, everything. If I were you, I wouldn't get rid of anything. Then again, I've been classified as a pack rat every once in a while too...

  8. ur right....all the timei listen to my Dad talk about how he wishes he still had his Road Runner with the 440 six-pack with a 4 spd manual....and then proceedes to talk about how if he did he would blow my doors off.... :D