Noob, and in trouble a4ld yippie

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  1. Other notes on this trans: The car won't shift to OD until the engine temp gets to 130 deg. This was an issue on mine because the previous owner killed the fan control and heater core, and pulled the thermostat. I got it in March, and it was cool. I did not know any of this until I tried troubleshooting the ac. Fixing all that helped.
  2. So does adjusting it out increase the RPM shift point?

    Say now it shifts at 3000 rpm WOT
    1 Turn out changes the shift point to 3500? or lower it to 2500. (guessing on the RPM point change but increased pressure doesn't make much sense to me when I'm told that the lower the vacuum the more pressure the trans makes. but I can't see how more engine rpm can create less vacuum when the line doesn't have any diaphrams or anthing od the sort.
  3. At WOT, the vacuum is virtually zero. The downshift/detent/WOT switch handles that. The modulator controls the partial throttle opening pressures. Turning it OUT simulates LOWER vacuum causing HIGHER 1-2, 2-3 shifts under PARTIAL throttle conditions. Ever notice on a slipping tranny how it immediately upshifts when you let off the gas?
  4. I turned it 3.5 turns out. It appears my shifts now happen around 2500 rpm, but i can got WOT and redline. I figured out my PAF is shot as I unplugged the MAF with the car running and it insstantly ran 10 times better. It's got more power and doesn't take 15 seconds to come back down from revving it to the red line. No stumble either. So now I wonder if the MAF might be screwing with the ECM to not adjust the trans.