Noob Bout To Get A 86' Mustang 5.0

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  1. Hey all!
    I might be a mustang owner soon but only if things go well, I wanted I see if I can get some info from you guys on things I should look for when buying/testing the 1986 mustang 5.0L I have heard that I am gunna be fixing/repairing it daily. Sounds like a load of crap but I'm not a mustang guy and would like to get some knowledge on this 86 mustang. I currently own a 1999 ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor and want to trade for the 86 mustang 5spd. This is the link of the car I am looking into, doesn't say on there but says he has aprox. 2000 miles on the motor an 100000 on the suspension

    Greatly appreciate any help!
  2. Awesome bud, these cars are easy to work on. Just always do it right and they last forever. Not to metion parts galore :flag:
  3. THANKS!
    I figure they would be good as long as I kept up with maintenace and nesscery repairs. I am going to look at the 86 tomorrow sept. 20th so I kids need some quick "what to look for when trading" parts are cheap/easy to find?
  4. The only stuff I've ever had fail on my car was from direct abuse or improperly installed mods. These are very reliable cars when cared for properly.
  5. I can say the same for my police interceptor so I can expect the same from a mustang!? Is there a common place where rust might form !?
  6. engine bay strut towers are easy to spot
  7. Thanks everyone looks like Ima take this deal, if he likes my 99 CVPI as well. Ant lurching else I should know!? Bout my soon to be 86?
  8. I do t see a lot of ppl with the 4 headlight style any reason why!?
  9. They're just not as common, much harder to find so if you find one in good shape take good care of it.

    Check for rust in the door jambs, on the bottom underneath the floor pans, check the torque boxes for abuse (where the rear lower control arm mounts to the frame), check the strut towers for rust in the engine bay as well. As most have said, these cars can last and last and last provided they are maintained well and cared for.
  10. I drove a Crown Vic for a number of years. I'd love to have another one. I wouldn't take it over my Fox, though. :)
  11. I would love to drive a cv and drive up behind people real fast and give em a scare :D
  12. NO, that's the worst part about owning one. Everybody in front of you drives the speed limit.
  13. They are fairly reliable cars, but keep in mind it's a 27 year old car. If it hasn't been maintained, then it might need work.

    I find his claim of 300hp at the wheels, but Obly listing the clutch as a mod a bit fishy. Those numbers usually require heads...and I'd list those if I was selling a car.

    I bet $1 is stockish

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  14. says dynoed at 300?? likely means 300 fwhp
  15. So he's semi lying from the get go!? I want to check the torque box on this car I need to know the location and a quick easy access and why should I look for as far as damage goes
  16. Try and get as much detail about this "heavily " worked engine- receipts, dyno runs, specs, etc. I've seen too many supposedly stroked or built motors only to find out upon teardown they were stock engines. Anyone can say they built the motor when you can't see inside it.

    In addition, don't be ashamed to check the coolant, oil, and overall condition of the car. Crawl under it and look for signs of rust, damage, check the torque boxes carefully. The car was most likely rode hard and I get very suspicious when guy sell these type of cars. More often than not there's a rason.
  17. I love the 86 4-eye cars. Hopefully the guy left the fuel injection and didn't swap it to carb. This was the first year of fuel injection and the following year a bunch changed. I'd say go for it but make sure you get everything that came off that car.
  18. Thanks so much guys for your inputs but I have made the decision not to go for it. More cons than pros goo wih my guy feeling here.

    I guess this threa can be closed